Tips on Keeping Your Baby Cool During Hot Weather

Tips on Keeping Your Baby Cool During Hot Weather

Learn easy ways to keep your baby cool when they sleep in hot weather

Singapore’s weather can get pretty hot and humid during certain months and you wouldn’t want your baby overheating. Here are some tried-and-tested tips to keep your baby cool when the heat is unbearable. 

Reduce clothing

Tips on Keeping Your Baby Cool During Hot Weather

If you are dealing with hot weather, you can reduce some of the clothing your baby normally wears to sleep in. Removing some of the bedding in the crib will also help keep a sleeping baby cool. Try letting them sleep in just a nappy or shirt, these are lightweight and will let air come in and out.

Keeping room cool

There is nothing wrong with running a fan in your baby’s room. This will help to circulate the air and keep your sleeping baby cool. Although, refrain from pointing it directly on the baby and their face while they sleep. Keep it on the side or rotating. Pointing the fan directly on the baby can cause shortness of breath in infants, which will interrupt a regular breathing pattern for a baby.

Keep the sleeping baby cool with a bath

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Real Chinese father washing baby in bathtub

Giving your baby a cool bath before bedtime will help them sleep better and happier during hot weather, or for that matter, during any kind of weather. Try not to make it too cool though, babies do not like cold water. A cool bath will help to lower their body temperature just a bit, which will keep them more comfortable.

Plenty of fluids

Tips on Keeping Your Baby Cool During Hot Weather

It is very important to keep a sleeping baby cool, because not only will it irritate them to wake up hot and sweaty, but they can get dehydrated. Babies dehydrate at a much faster rate than adults and bigger kids. Staying hydrated is the most important thing for infants during hot weather. When a baby is well hydrated, they will naturally stay cooler, even while sleeping. The fluids in their body will help keep their internal body temperature stable — this in turn helps keep their entire body cool on the outside just as well as the inside.

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