Tips for dads to bond with their kids

Tips for dads to bond with their kids

Having dad help out in caring your your child not only gives mum some time to herself – it’s also an opportunity for some quality bonding time. Here are some simple ways for dads to spend extra time with their kids.

dads bonding with kids

Dads bonding with kids: Need some bonding tips?

Dads, picture this: You’re finally home after a long day at work, and are excited about spending time with your child. Mum eagerly hands over the little one to you (so she can have a quick shower) – only to have your child whining and protesting the minute she’s in your hands.

Some dads may find it challenging to establish a deep connection with their child, as they do not get to spend as much time with the little one compared to mum. But this situation can be turned around, especially when dad shares the load with mum when it comes to child care.

Check out how dads can bond with their kids by helping out in some day-to-day child care duties.

Change your child’s diapers

dads bonding with kids

Tip for dads bonding with kids: Get to the ‘bottom’ line – clean diapers!

Here’s a chance for dad to enjoy some face time while cleaning up a mess! When changing your child’s diapers, the bottom line is to interact with your your child while keeping her happy and entertained. Talk to her and touch her lovingly as you run your fingers up her legs and hands. The squeals of delight that she gives in return will make the whole cleaning up process slightly more enjoyable.

Dress your child

dads bonding with kids

For all dads bonding with kids, dressing up time can be fun!

There are 2 possible ways in which your child will react when you dress her up. She’ll either cooperate with you while you slide her hands through the sleeves of her shirt, or stage a protest by kicking and crying while you try to put her clothes on. Here are some ways to make dressing up time fun for both daddy and child.

  • Play a game of ‘peekaboo’ with her
  • Give a soothing massage to calm her down
  • Sing her favourite song – it helps to distract her as she gets fascinated with your singing!

Bathe your child

dads bonding with kids

Dads, here your chance for some bonding time with kids! Get your child excited about bath time…

Giving your child a bath not only helps to freshen her up – it also allows both daddy and the little one a chance to relax and unwind together and sneak in some cuddles. Just be sure that the temperature of the water is just right (Tip: Use your elbow to test the water) and avoid bathing directly after her feed, as it may cause her to throw up.

Feed your child

dads bonding with kids

Dads can have some bonding time with kids by enjoying some ‘food talk’ as you feed.

Feeding time is a special time to bond with your little one, as she discovers the different taste and textures of food. Use this time to talk about the food that she is being fed with, and teach her to describe the texture. You can also make things fun by playing a little ‘airplane’ game with the spoon as you feed her.

Need some training on child care?

First-time dads can now get some hands-on training on child care at the Daddy’s Boot Camp event on 22nd June 2013, organised by Thomson Medical Centre and Nestlé® NAN® GRO 3.

dads bonding with kids

See you at Daddy’s Boot Camp, 22nd June 2013, United Square Shopping Mall, 10.30am to 9.30pm

Let the experts show you how to handle the child care tasks mentioned above at the training booths, and get tips on what to pack in the diaper bag when you’re taking your little one out. Daddies who go through at least 3 training booths will get to take home a goody bag worth over $200.

Besides that, there will also be various parenting talks lined up throughout the day and a special celebrity daddy sharing session with Mediacorp artiste, Darren Lim. Get insights on parenting as this celebrity dad shares his parenting experiences and how he juggles the challenges of family life.

Bring on the fun!

All set to have a good time at the Daddy’s Boot Camp event? Daddies and their kids can sign up for the exciting contests taking place on the day, including a Father and Child lookalike contest and the Fastest Crawler contest. There will also be great deals on kids’ products for dads and mums to check out, as they stock up on all the essentials for their little ones.

So daddies, be sure to join in the fun at the Daddy’s Boot Camp event at United Square Shopping Mall on 22nd June 2013. We hope that the ‘boot camp’ activities will help you handle the child care tasks better, as you enjoy bonding with your kids during the early years.

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Justina Goh

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