Golden rules for naming your baby

Golden rules for naming your baby

What's in a name? Well, everything if you don't want your child to grow up constantly hating you for a name they dislike! Check out these timeless rules for naming a baby!

naming your baby

Check out our tips on naming your baby

Having spent the best part of several months, if not a few years, planning your pregnancy and creating a family, one of the biggest agonies after giving birth is naming your baby.

Many parents agonize over names, back-check their families’ records, scan books and even seek inspiration from modern culture for a name that’s out of the ordinary and unique.

Naming your baby needn’t be such a chore… here are 5 timeless rules to consider when naming your baby:

1. Go with your gut

Most parents have a preconceived idea of what their little baby boy or girl should be named. It’s based on gut instinct or a feeling that the ‘name’ is just right for them. So start seeking inspiration from within yourself: you may just be surprised.

2. Consider names and initial combos

The one thing you don’t want your child to do is to grow up hating you for the name you have burdened them with or without considering their initials that could lead them to being teased throughout childhood, their teen years and into adult life.

Having the name Adam Robert Smith or Mango Tree may well work for you, but you’ll find that your son or daughter could be tripped up by friends and enemies because of such names.

Equally it could return to haunt you when you face them having a bad day, and they ask accusingly, “And why did you name me that?” Stay cautious and steer away from potential banana skin names or initial combos.

naming a baby

Are you guilty of naming your child after celebs? Find out what we think about it on the next page!

3. Family expectations

Depending on cultural aspects of your family background, it could well be that naming your baby is a foregone conclusion.

Some families expect particular names to be carried through their family tree and so you may have to consider the impact of turning your back on such tradition. Ultimately, the decision is yours!

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4. Being unique or just keeping it simple?

Rebecca, Rebekha, Rebeka, Rebbekka, Rebbeka, Ribekha – in this modern world, standing out from the ordinary seems to be the norm, even when it comes to how you spell a name.

naming your baby

When naming your baby, try not to give her one that she (and you) will regret forever!

When naming your baby, you may consider a simple name, and then re-jig the spelling to give your own imprint on your child. Also consider that a name will inevitably be shortened by friends – Jonathon to Jon, or Alexandria or Alex.

Fancy names are fine but most people like to keep it simple. So weigh up whether it’s worth trying to re-spell a name. One thing is clear: if you can’t remember how to spell the little one’s name, then it is highly likely they won’t either.

5. Tame the wannabe celeb name

It ‘s easy to get caught up in today’s celebrity obsessed culture and name your child after a favourite actor, pop star, football team or TV chef.

naming your baby

Just because you are a fan of chef Eric Teo, it doesn’t mean you should name your baby after him!

Remember long term, these celebs will fade away and you could be left with only your child scowling back at you and a permanent reminder of a bad decision.

So cut short reading the celeb magazines for inspiration and avoid the pitfalls that one couple came up with when naming their son after the starting 11 of Manchester United’s 1999 European Cup winning team: Peter Gary Dennis Ronny Jaap Nicky David Jesper Ryan Andy Dwight!

Tell us if you have any more tips on naming your baby by leaving a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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