Time for Shut-eye,Toddy!

Time for Shut-eye,Toddy!

Getting your toddler to bed may be one of the toughest jobs that parents often give up on - thanks to their frustration and impatience. So, here are some tips and tricks to help you through the routine of getting your toddler to go to bed.

Okay, its bedtime!

Okay, its bedtime!

Getting your toddler to go to sleep can be a very difficult task. You must realize that close to 99% of toddlers avoid gloing to bed by kicking up a ruckus. Most harassed parents try all kinds of tricks including singing, reading stories, feeding and even punishing to try and get their children to sleep, but sometimes they end up with frustration and keep the job on hand unfinished. However, with a firm resolve and a few effective strategies, you can nip this undesirable habit in the bud.

Here are some tips that you can use:

1) Ensure that your child gets lots of physical activity during the day so that he/she gets tired by night. Try taking your child to the park or a place of interest once a week, like the Zoo.

2) If your toddler takes a nap during the daytime, now might be a good time to stop this. Your toddler will be more willing to go to sleep early at night if he/she hasn’t been over rested during the day.

3) Do not give your toddler soda, sugar or candy in the evening, especially after dinner, as this will only end up making the kid hyper. Instead, offer your toddler a glass of warm milk, which is, by itself, a sleep inducing agent.

4) You may have tried reading books to your toddler but what you can do is let the child explore the book on his/her own. This will help relax the kid, thereby getting him/her drowsy.

5) Do not give in to your child’s demands, whining and pleading. Remember – you need to stay firm and tough. Don’t allow more than one potty and drink break after he/she is in bed. Don’t fall for her diversion tactics. However, don’t ignore these antics totally as this will only make your kid more hyper. Just firmly say that he/she has had the break and it is time to go back to sleep again.

6) A special toy or blanket reserved exclusively for bedtime makes a child look forward to cuddling with it at night. You will find your toddler behaving more positively if you can get him/her the same.

7) It’s a good idea to encourage your toddler to sleep by himself/herself. The younger he/she is, the easier it will be for him/her. It’s also important to make a daily routine everyday making it clear that playtime is over and he/she needs to take some rest.

8) The room in which he/she is sleeping should be dark but not that dark that the kid may get frightened and afraid. Leave a night light on for security and comfort.

9) It is a good idea to set up a regular bedtime routine so that your kid gets into the groove and understands when the time comes for him/her to go to bed. He/She should be able to understand that a warm bath before bedtime, some extra cuddling and a story means that the time is nearing for him/her to go to bed. Soon he/she will be telling you that YOU need to go to bed too!

In brief, do something to break the monotony of going to bed. Last but not least, don’t give in and don’t give up!

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