Ideas to help you bring excitement into your sex life!

Ideas to help you bring excitement into your sex life!

Here are some ideas to bring some excitement into an otherwise dull sex life

Throw Excitement Into Your Sex Life

Throw Excitement Into Your Sex Life

Over a casual conversation with a friend the other day, she confessed to me that her sex life is everything but exciting. She has been married for only 4 months and already the excitement is out?

Looking her in the eye, I told her she should not have to wait for her husband to add excitement. What about throwing in some on her part?

She looked confused and told me her role was only to lie in bed. I looked at her in shock. So much for it being an experience both parties should enjoy!

So what should you do if your sex life is as boring as a college lecture on archeology?

1) Be spontaneous: Surprise your partner with fun, romantic and passionate gestures. Forget the old boring, mechanical routine! Try something new and adventurous. Let it be an erotic loving adventure that’s intimate for just the two of you.

2) Set aside some time for intimacy: Turn off the TV, create the mood and bring in some new love making techniques into the bedroom. Sure, I know Cougar Town is  a really good show. But must you be watching it as your husband makes love to you? Let it be a time to reconnect physically and emotionally with him.

3) Be Physical: Don’t confine touching and physical contact only to the bedroom. You can make use of situations throughout the day to feel physical intimacy with your husband. Such close physical contact will only make you eager for intense love making later on.

There will be days when there is no excitement in the bedroom at all. Don’t fret or get frustrated over this. Just focus on what you can do to bring back the passion that characterized the early days of your courtship. It’s easy to adopt the attitude of my friend and that is, ‘Let me just lie that and get this over with’. But this is an experience both parties should enjoy. Sex doesn’t have to be monotonous and dull.

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