Mum’s unique punishment for child bully

Mum’s unique punishment for child bully

A mother in Utah, USA, recently gave her daughter an interesting punishment when she found out that the child had been bullying and teasing another girl about her outfit. Find out what this mum did.

Young Kaylee's punishment for bullying a classmate -- Wearing thrift shop clothes Young Kaylee's punishment for bullying a classmate -- Wearing thrift shop clothes

When a ten-year-old girl’s taunting of her classmate was found out, she was in for a very unique punishment. Kaylee, a young student from Utah in America, was found guilty of teasing and bullying another student because of the clothes that she wore.

Young Kaylee would call the other girl names and make fun of her wardrobe, harassing the student until she did not want to come to school. When Kaylee’s stepmother, Ally, found out about her daughter’s misdeeds through an email from Kaylee’s teacher, she knew that something had to be done.

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Thrift shop outfits

After confronting a remorseless Kaylee who wasn’t repentant for her bullying ways, Ally decided to give the young girl a taste of her own medicine. The fiancee of Kaylee’s father headed down to the thrift store and put together a few outfits that she knew the girl would never wear -- all under 50 dollars.

The next day, Kaylee’s father and Ally told Kaylee that she would be wearing the thrift store outfits with old sneakers to school. The horrified preteen was appalled and admitted that she cried when she first saw the clothes. After two days, the couple agreed that Kaylee had learnt her lesson and stopped the punishment.

A story that spread virally worldwide, Ally’s punishment received much attention just days after its enforcement. The reviews it garnered, however, were of a contrasting mix.

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Thrift store clothes as punishment for 10-year-old bully Kaylee Thrift store clothes as punishment for 10-year-old bully Kaylee

Yay or nay?

While some may laud Ally for her tough call against bullying behaviour, critics believe that Ally’s actions may be counter-productive and force Kaylee to grow up into an angrier and more hateful teen. Commenting that Ally’s actions themselves were a kind of bullying, some onlookers strongly frown upon such a punishment.

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Kaylee’s case, however, has seen positive results. The young girl now understands that bullying is “mean” and “it hurts”, confirming that she is truly sorry for her bullying past. Although Ally’s punishment received varied mixed attention, many still applaud this mum for giving her child, as well as other children, a “wake up call”.

For more on Ally and Kaylee's story, watch the news piece below:

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