Thoughts that go through every Singaporean parent's mind during Parent-Teacher meetings

Thoughts that go through every Singaporean parent's mind during Parent-Teacher meetings

Here are the most common reactions from parents during the dreaded 20-minute meeting

"Parent-Teacher meetings? Oh, you mean the dreadful yet very important compulsory meetings that happen twice a year?"

Yes parents, those meetings. You attend them although you could predict what the teacher's going to say. But let's face it - there are just some comments that you don't expect.

We've come up with a list of reactions parents have during these meetings... so sit back, and laugh with us!


The "Hey, it's me again!"


The meeting hasn't even started and you realised that your son has the same grumpy man as his form teacher again this year. Oh well, hopefully he's less of a grouch this time round!


The "Yeah, I already knew that, but go on"


Yes, I know my son's having trouble with his punctuality but I didn't manage to prepare a defence statement so, go on.


The "I knew I raised a champ!"


I knew my child wasn't going to let me down!


The "You're going to get it when we get home"


I did not like what I just heard, young lady.


The "I hope you can't tell how hard I'm trying maintain my cool"


No I didn't know my child did that and no, I'm not even mad.


The "Are you serious?"


Really? My kid? You sure?


The "I'll be watching your every move from now on"


Would be tiger mum? Maybe!


And lastly;

The "Is this going to be over anytime soon?"


Oh dear, I only managed to take a half-day leave, can this thing be over already?


Found one that you can relate to? Share your thoughts with us below!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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