Things you need for holidays with your kids

Things you need for holidays with your kids

Don't know what to bring along for a family holiday? Take a look at the suggestions from our parents and be sure to include them in your packlist!

Holiday essentials

Mum Needs Help: I will be bringing my 20mth son to Hokkaido. What are the essential things to bring along? and what preparations do I need? This is his first overseas trip.


Chandra Buwana: Children coats, special his milk and specifically your country foods.

Paulynn Peh: vaccination where needed. Anorak jacket for him depends on the weather.. lip balm..n simple medication which is needed most.

Cecilia Yee: Bring yr basic essentials, anything u forget, buy it there

Loo Su Mei: Milk powder! It is hard when I tried to find them when I was in Kyoto! Their needs are basic, familiar food, milk, warmth, snacks etc. Can buy some there. Bring extra warm shoes. My son dropped his when we were boarding the bus and had to buy cos it was cold. On way home that evening, the dropped shoe is found at the bus stop! :)

Lin Vanessa: Fever Medicine n thermometer. Milk Powder n some cereal.

Priscilla Lee: Sufficient milk powder, his regular snacks (can be his comfort food cos of different environment), his favourite stuff toy or blanket or pillow so he'll feel better sleeping in an unfamiliar place eg. hotel or in the plane. Most important of all is something which he can chew or suck during take off n landing to relieve any blocked ears which can be extremely painful for young children.

Sandra Yp Yeong: I just came back from Shanghai Trip with my 7.5 months baby. Sufficient clothes (wear it like an onion, don't need to bring thick jacket),sufficient cereal and baby food (better train him 1-2 week before on cereal and baby food if you don't want to let him try the food you eat), don't forget bring bottle cleanser, i think 3 milk bottle is enough. ... See Moreif can, drag the feeding time until landing and take off, sucks milk is very effective way to unblocked the ear. Med - Fever, baby 100 plus and cough med is all you need. Be relax mom. You can get almost everything from Hokkaido and it is safe to put in baby's mouth. If I can enjoy Shanghai trip without moving house.. you can too..

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