13 Things Wives Do That Drive Men Crazy

13 Things Wives Do That Drive Men Crazy

Here are some things women do which irritate their other halves. Any sound familiar?

Even though our husbands can be loving and supportive (at times), most of the time they are pretty annoying! Here are some ways we can drive them up the wall whether intentionally or not. Since nagging is always number one on the list, I leave it to the wives to do something about it (like real right?).

Disclaimer: If any of these starts appearing in increasing frequency, the writer is not liable for any change or consequence of behaviour.

#1 Waking him up in the middle of his nap

13 Things Wives Do That Drive Men Crazy

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Wait for him to take a nap and once he starts snoring, wake him up. Better still, get your toddler to slam a pillow in his face.

#2 Micromanaging his every move

What makes it worse is if he has to answer to another micromanaging lady boss at work. Two lady micromanagers spell disaster. Give him a break, yeah ladies?

#3 Posting pictures of him on social media

13 Things Wives Do That Drive Men Crazy

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Most husbands I know don’t put pictures of themselves on Facebook. If they do, it’s usually with others or their best angle. Maybe it’s time for the world to see another side of your husbands especially when they are most relaxed e.g. sleeping pictures are the most ‘adorable’.

#4 Changing your mind at the very last minute

Fickle-mindedness drives him up the wall. No amount of reason can fizzle the sizzle. Doesn’t he just love it when you suddenly want to go to Takashimaya and he’s already driving to Jurong Point? Congrats, you’ve managed to raise his temperature by a few degrees.

#5 Being indecisive

A double whammy happens when the wife is fickle AND indecisive. Good luck to hubby dearest. Imagine after driving all the way from Jurong Point to Takashimaya, you can’t decide between Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton for your bedsheets.

#6 Leaving your hair on the bathroom drain

13 Things Wives Do That Drive Men Crazy

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Better still, get them plastered all over the wall. Annoys the neat freaks for sure!

#7 Disturbing him during his me-time

Walking in during his favourite TV game and whine that you need a back massage or the groceries done. Best executed when you’re pregnant.

#8 Back-seat driving

Regardless of gender, this would drive any driver crazy. Comments and critiques on driving are best kept to the minimum unless you’re looking for a quarrel. Or an accident.

#9 Making him wait

13 Things Wives Do That Drive Men Crazy

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I think guys do better when they know how long they have to wait. But if it’s endless waiting for our self-indulgence, then not many men fare well in that department. By that I mean, shopping for your fifth pair of shoes, having an extended high tea with your girlfriends and so on. Test him further by letting him handle the kids alone as well.

#10 Hoarding

A friend once remarked he prefers to stay out because his own home has become a warehouse for all the MLM products that his wife keeps buying. Ladies choose – husband or another brand new frying pan?

#11 Talking to him when he is most tired

13 Things Wives Do That Drive Men Crazy

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The dreaded “Honey, we’ve got to talk” is best done when he’s ready to go into slumberland or after a long day of work. That constipated look of him trying to keep awake might leave you in stitches.

#12 Leaving tissue paper in the pockets

Applies only to men who do the household laundry. My husband hates it when he discovers there are smithereens of tissue paper in the washing machine stuck to all the clothes and the culprit is none other than yours truly. Oops! I forgot to remove the tissue paper from my pockets.

#13 Teaching your kids to pluck his leg hair or armpit hair

If you have hyperactive kids, this might keep them occupied for hours, if and only if your husband is unconscious.


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