10 things every mum-to-be must have on her checklist

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It’s no secret that pregnancy affects the hormones, causing mummy-brain - a condition that affects your memory and logic. This is a pregnancy checklist of 10 things you should remember when mummy-brain makes you forget.

pregnancy checklist

There is a new baby on the way…make sure you have a pregnancy checklist ready!

There is no doubt that becoming a mother is a rewarding experience.

However, it can also be an overwhelming experience, especially if one has not planned and prepared for the arrival of the little one.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have the tools and resources at our disposal to be prepared for our pregnancy and motherhood and we should take advantage of it.

I advocate informed pregnancy, labour and child-rearing. Not only does it eliminate surprises, but it helps us to be prepared when unexpected issues crop up. This enables us to secure the best outcomes as well as to avoid the last-minute rush and the stress that comes with it. Stress affects us much more than we may think during pregnancy, at childbirth and postpartum. Being unprepared has a direct influence on stress.

As much as we would like to be prepared, our “pregnancy brain” makes us forgetful and interferes with our planning. Mums-to-be you need to remember that planning for a baby is much more than just buying diapers and a stroller. In this article, we’re tell you what are the bigger aspects of your life that you need to plan and prepare for to ensure a smooth and happy welcome for your new bundle of joy.

#1 Know and accept that life will not be the same

Even the most stubborn of people change when they welcome a child into their lives.

You will put your own needs aside as baby becomes number one, and you will develop a new respect for your own parents.  Men and women have different ideas of how life will be after the baby is born.

Also be prepared for the fact that your husband will change when he becomes a parent.

#2 Money and budgeting make-over

While family and friends will be only too keen to contribute at your baby shower, there are some things that you should start planning for now, including child care, diapering, feeding, clothing, savings, insurance, medical insurance and OTC, toiletries, toys, books and media.

Speak to your financial planner about whether your insurance is sufficient, and to find out whether you are eligible for government grants.

Your insurance should cover prenatal care, blood tests (including STDs, HIV, Rh compatibility) and prenatal tests, supplements, gestational diabetes, help to quit smoking, breastfeeding counselling and equipment, and birth control after baby is born.

#3 Make your birth plan

A birth plan is a way for you to communicate your wishes to the midwives and doctors who care for you in labour.

It tells them about the type of labour and birth you’d like to have, what you want to happen, and what you want to avoid. Make sure you and your partner agree on this birth plan.

How do you prepare your kids and pets for the newest arrival. Read on to find out what else should be on your pregnancy checklist.

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