5 annoying things that make working mums go bonkers

5 annoying things that make working mums go bonkers

There are some things, just some things, that drive working mums up the wall. Here's our top 5.

1. The 8am meeting


Like really? After a looong morning of dealing with poop, preparing various lunch boxes and school drop-offs, you want us to get in, down that much-needed fourth cup of coffee and nod to colleague Pam talking about the need to change the office carpet?


2. Any kind of breakdown

Air-con leaking? Fridge out of order? The repair man gives you a window of 9am to 1pm to come take a look and fix it. Who’s going to stay home? Someone has to deal with this- and that someone is you!


3. The gynae running late

Working mums cannot spare even a minute out of their already hectic day, and things have to go as per their schedule. So when you’re at the clinic, waiting for the doctor who’s taking wayyyy too long with another patient, you get edgy with a string of questions flooding your mind at that time.“Is my next meeting at a far location? How long will it take to get there? Is it better to leave and reschedule this doctor’s appointment, or to be an hour late to my next meeting?”

4. The maid who has severe cramps

On the morning of your big presentation at work. “Ma’am, please stay home today. My tummy really hurts and I need to lie down. Who will take care of the kids, cook lunch and mop the house?” Who do you think? Here’s when you wish you had a male house helper (or your mum living next door).


5. The annoying colleague who asks you for a report


At 5:50pm. Just as you’re packing up to leave, booking your Uber ride, promising the kids you’re coming home with a KFC bucket, Jeremy needs something urgent from you. “Pronto!” Seriously?

What are other things you find that drive you bonkers? Tell us below!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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