8 things Singaporean husbands do to sayang their wives

8 things Singaporean husbands do to sayang their wives

"I walked past Breadtalk and got you the pork floss bun that you love. It reminded me of you so..."

Remember when you were still at the pak tor (dating) stage of your relationship?

Your boyfriend (now hubby) would take you on long romantic walks along East Coast Park. The 'long distance' relationship you made work when he resided in Jurong, and you in Bedok, and the showering you with gifts.

Your man would toss non-stop compliments your way. And then eventually, you get married and all that gets tossed out the window! But does that necessarily have to happen?

I am sure there's a rare breed of (Singaporean) men who still do the little things to show their wives that they sayang them oh-so-much.

And here's the list of things they do that we absolutely love!

#1 He remembers things like your first bowl of fish soup together

8 things Singaporean husbands do to sayang their wives

There's always the assumption that men never remember stuff, so when they actually prove women wrong, it's going to be a special moment between the couple.

"Honey, do you remember the fish soup that we shared on our first date together? Let's go back and have that." "You should wear that dress that you wore on our 2nd anniversary, you look really pretty in that."

#2 He holds your hand (or envelopes you in warm embrace) in public (even at the kids' Parent-Teacher meets)

In a marriage, we often take the smallest things for granted, especially if we've spent all day running around and looking after our kids. Which is why such a simple act like the touch of his hand on yours can still give us butterflies in our tummy. When you have a hubby who flaunts you in public, you can't help but feel special.

#3 He does cute little fatherly things, like play Kendama with the boys

Without being asked! You're reminded of how blessed you are and how attractive he can be when he's running around your little cherubs, trying to beat them at this latest craze.

#4 He sends you flirty Whatsapp messages, with emojis!

A surprise message of this nature will make you go gaga because it makes you feel the way you did when you first started dating. And with emojis? BONUS!

"Can't stop thinking about you, darling. Looking forward to coming home to be with you... (kiss emoji) "

#5 When he makes time for you despite him sitting on the CEO chair

It's hard to spend solo time with your spouse after having kids, as taking care of the children will be of top priority. In all this chaos of everyday life, you may forget to take care of the foundation of the marriage - your relationship.

Now, if your hubby is the CEO of a company, this would mean even less time for things non-work related. His schedule is expected to be packed with meetings, conference calls, overseas trips. But that doesn't stop him from giving you 'special wife time'. He knows you're top priority and he shows it. WE LOVE THAT!

#6 When he's nice to your family (not just during CNY reunion dinners)

8 things Singaporean husbands do to sayang their wives

There's a saying that when you get married to someone, you don't just marry them - you marry their whole family too!

If you're aware that he doesn't particularly like that grumpy cousin or nosy aunty of yours, but he STILL makes the effort to be matured about it by treating them with respect, you're going to be thankful that he's yours. Sayang him back for this!

#7 He surprises you with pork floss bun just because...

He was thinking about you! When he comes home with small things like a box of sushi, or a bottle of Kicakapoo (because he knows you've been craving it), there's no doubt that your heart will be fluttering over this gesture.

"I walked past Breadtalk and got you the pork floss bun that you love. It reminded me of you so I decided to get it."

#8 When he tells you he loves you (in Mandarin/Malay/Tamil)

Or in all the 3 languages above!

Years may pass and yet you'll never get sick of hearing him say, "I love you". Now, when he adds in that local touch, aaaah! *melts*

Marriage is a wonderful thing, especially if you know that you've found your soulmate. It can be tiring at times with the added responsibilities of work and kids, but there's nothing more comforting than crawling into bed at night, knowing that you're the luckiest woman in the world to be able to call this man... your husband. So ladies, cuddle them back, show them your love in your own way - and keep the spark going!

What are some things that your husband does to show you his love? Share with us below!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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