Here Are 10 Things All Mums Dream Of Getting For Christmas

Here Are 10 Things All Mums Dream Of Getting For Christmas

Is it too much to ask for some time alone in the bathroom or Nanny McPhee all wrapped up in a big ribbon? I've been a good girl all year...

You've got a couple of kids and you've been running around at a frantic pace all year managing a million kid- and non-kid-related things. Yes, you're a mum and you deserve an exceptionally special Christmas!

Dads and children take note: here's what mummy would really like for Christmas this year (some of them are totally do-able!):

1. One whole day to herself to do whatever she pleases (get me that tub of ice cream while you're at it, please)

2. A day at the spa - a full day, okay?


3. Time alone in the bathroom. That means no little fingers wriggling under the door, no audience while peeing, and no cries for help from a helpless dad who can't figure out how to put a onesie on your baby...

4. Eight uninterrupted hours of sleep

5. A daily backrub and shoulder massage for a full month, before bedtime

6. A flat stomach (without having to work-out)

7. A mummy clone, for those days when things are just a bit crazy

8. A detachable breast, for those days baby is permanently glued to her boobs.


9. A super-maid. Have you heard of Nanny McPhee?

10. A time machine to go back to those sweet baby days for when LO is a teenager

Merry Christmas, mummies! We hope you get at least a few items on this list for Christmas! What else do you really wish for? Tell us in a comment below. 

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