10 Things Men Love About Their Wife but Won't Admit to

10 Things Men Love About Their Wife but Won't Admit to

Here's what your hubby loves about you!

Yes, there are 10!

Husbands take advantage of their wives pretty often, and don’t give them enough credit for the things they do. But when you scrape the bottom of the barrel, you’ll find that husbands secretly love countless things about their wives. And here’s our list of favourites.

1. Wives know where everything is

things men love about their wife

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A trait like no other. And boy does he dig it! It’s amazing how we know where the car keys are, where his favourite pair of red boxers are, where the kids have left their pack of Twisties. It’s almost uncanny how we know it, but we do.

2. Wives will get things done

Unlike men who are king procrastinators. There’s always that ‘last’ can of beer or ‘5 more minutes’ of football to catch before he gets off his bum to do something. We, on the other hand, will get to it, pronto!

3. Wives remember things that men will forget

They may joke about this, but deep down they’re thankful that you’re there to remind them about things. Well, that’s the thing about wives isn’t it? They can remember all the ridiculous things husbands have done! Luckily, most wives look the other way or forgive them for their foolishness. In this sense, husbands love their wives for this trait.

4. Wives know just what to say

10 Things Men Love About Their Wife but Won't Admit to

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Our husbands tend to put their feet into their mouths. More often than not. They offend colleagues unknowingly, and cause awkward silences at family meets. On those bad days at work or even when they lose their jobs, wives know exactly how to steer the conversation in the right way.

5. Wives anticipate things

Our finely-tuned senses let us know something before it is going to happen. We anticipate what our darlings need long before they need it. Trust me, he is aware, and he is thankful. If he has not said it yet, here’s a big “Good job!”

6. Wives prepare the best dishes

10 Things Men Love About Their Wife but Won't Admit to

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While many husbands have learnt to throw on an apron, it’s the wives’ dishes that bring a twinkle to their eyes (and a rumble in their bellies). It’s that beckoning of Nasi Padang or Chicken Curry or even asparagus that leads to succumbing to our wishes. We may even work, but we still tend to have the kitchen mastered. And guess who loves it oh-so-secretly?

7. Wives love their husbands despite their stupidity

Let’s all agree on this – men will do stupid things at some point in their lives. Whether they do it intentionally or not, it happens. Husbands breathe a sigh of relief every day, knowing their wives love them despite their actions.

8. Wives are there when husbands get sick

Unlike women who can go by days being sick and nobody at home even realises it, men are wimps when it comes to being sick. Even when they aren’t as bad as they think they are, we wives coddle them… just because. Here’s a coddle back from them.

9. Wives are there for their husbands no matter what

things men love about their wife

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It works both ways, but husbands may forget to express such a sentiment. At the end of the day, it is always a comfort to have someone there next to you. Our presence is comfort enough to them.

10. Wives are role models for their kids

The things a mum does for her kids pretty much puts her in the realm of the superhuman. How she acts in front of her child on a daily basis is the behaviour that the child picks up. That means no swearing, no screaming in frustration and the hundred other minor things that come with ‘good parenting’. And husbands know what a feat that is – and they love you for that!

Now that you are aware of all these, don’t forget to share the love with your husband too!


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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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