20 things that most daddies do differently from mummies!

20 things that most daddies do differently from mummies!

Dads tend to get a lot of flak for the different way they do things with the kids. Here are 20 things daddies do differently from mummies - that actually work (sometimes)!

When dads take charge of the kids, sometimes they may do things a little differently from what mummies usually do. But this doesn't necessarily mean it is wrong. Odd and questionable at times, but certainly not wrong.

Here are 20 things that daddies do differently from mummies - that actually work (umm, sort of).


1. Getting the children out of bed in the morning
what daddies do wake up


2. Dressing the kids to go out
what daddies do dress up clothes


3. Tying up long hair
what daddies do tie hair daughter


4. Feeding everyone a balanced meal
what daddies do feed kids junkfood candy


5. Playtime with junior
what daddies do baby playtime bonding
6. Calming down a fussy bub
what daddies do baby cry bribe calm down


7. Putting the baby down for a nap
what daddies do baby nap sleep


8. Keeping the kids entertained
what daddies do play kids improvise


9. Driving everyone to school
what daddies do driving car


10. Teaching their child how to swim
what daddies teach swimming


11. Giving junior a bath
what daddies do bath shower


12. Capturing picture perfect moments
what daddies do take picture photo camera


13. Cooking dinner
what daddies cook dinner meal food


14. Having fun at the playground
what daddies do fun playground play


15. Teaching the children new skills
what daddies do fun skills skateboarding


16. Keeping the little ones out of trouble
what daddies discipline


17. Multi-tasking
what daddies do multi-tasking fishing fun baseball play


18. Tidying up the house
what daddies do tidy clean up housework chores


19. Teaching the kids how to drive
what daddies do drive teach


20. Protecting their little ones from harm
what daddies do save rescue danger


Although daddies may do things pretty differently - which are sometimes a little questionable - maybe we can cut them some slack, because sometimes they do get the job done and after all, the kids are still in one piece!

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