Singaporean boy, 12, stands up to “gay” bullies

Singaporean boy, 12, stands up to “gay” bullies

Theo Chen is only 12 and is fabulously creative. However, people are calling him “gay”. He lashes out with a YouTube rant that puts gay bullies in place. Watch the video that has gone viral.

Theo Chen

Watch Theo Chen’s message to gay bullies below…

Let’s face it; school can be a very hostile place when you’re not popular. It gets worse if bullies find a “weakness” or vulnerability. These days, it has gotten worse with the introduction of cyber bullying, a new breed of bullies.

Death by cyber bullying

There have been cases where teens commited suicide after being publically humiliated to breaking point. Death was the result in the tragic cases of Rehtaeh Parsons and Audrie Pott, two separate cases but similar in nature. First, they were sexually violated and it got worse when “proof of the violation” was put up online to shame the girls for a crime they did not even commit. Both girls ended up taking their own lives because they felt that their lives were ruined!

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Gay bullies

Right here in Singapore, Theo Chen, a 12-year-old from SJI International Elementary School, was brave enough to step up and defend himself against the gay bullies who were tormenting and taunting him online.

Theo unabashedly took his rant online in a post labeled “Gay”—addressing the gay bullies that have been hurling vulgar insults at him online. This young YouTube Vlogger’s commendable message is insightful, eloquent and real. There were no guards or pretences, just an honestly exasperated message in hopes to stop the bullying.

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Theo Chen’s “Gay” post on Youtube

[stextbox id=”grey”]

“I have recently been getting a lot of hate online…people have been gossiping about me. They are basically just calling me a faggot, or gay or fag.

Just because I make videos doesn’t mean I’m gay. Seriously, I think you need to get the perception of the word gay… the “actual definition before throwing these words around like you know how to use them in a sentence.

Even my “friends” want to gossip about whether I am gay or not. And honest thing is I don’t really know—do you guys even know how old I am? I am twelve years old and you’re calling me gay?

But who cares if I am gay, I thought this was a free world. You shouldn’t judge people on their sexuality; you should judge people on their personality. You’re exercising stereotypes so strongly at the moment, you shouldn’t—it’s not right.

Many of you are going to watch this video and say ‘yes he is definitely gay’. I don’t really care.

If I turn out gay, I really hope you are open about it, ok? Right now, I like girls. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay. You know what’s screwed up? That this is coming from me, I’m twelve and I know this.

Just appreciate me for who I am—there is no need to torment me. You need to stop judging me please. You’re bullying. It’s NOT ok!

If don’t like watching my videos because you think I’m gay, then don’t watch them. Calling someone else gay does not make you any more straight!”


Watch Theo Chen’s message to gay bullies

Talent misconstrued as being “gay”

Some of the creative videos made by Theo Chen show off his talent and theatric side. He dances and lip syncs to popular tunes like Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starship’ and songs taken from the movie soundtrack of Pitch Perfect.

Sometimes passion and zeal in the arts can be misconstrued as being “gay” which is very unfortunate and ignorant. We’re happy that instead of stifling his creativity, Theo Chen took a spirited stand and is fearless enough to speak up and out against these gay bullies. In fact, some homophobic adults can learn a thing or two from Theo Chen.

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Watch Theo Chen’s work of art

Positive feedback from his post

So far he has garnered positive feedback from his video that has gotten over 53 thousand views. Here are just a few…

Molassesjones11: You are my new hero.

Halim Yusof: U know Theo, I’m 38 and to hear this from a 12 year old, my hat’s off_ for you. You got it all right and I applause you for having the balls to say it here on Youtube. Whoever you are and whoever you wanna be no one has the right to judge. You are cool!

Louise Koh: You’re only 12 and you do amazing videos. I don’t think anyone should call you gay or fag or any of that sort. You’re mature and seriously, I wanna salute you! DAYUMMMM SON! You do hair flips and all that awesome music. How I wish I could be like you. You’re_ strong. All the best in life. Rock on.

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