Audrie Pott - Sexually battered teen kills herself

Audrie Pott - Sexually battered teen kills herself

Audrie Pott was sexually battered after she passed out at a house party. She woke up to scribbles and marks on her body, clueless about what had happened to her. That was until pictures of her surreptitious attack went viral…This is a story of death by cyber bullying.

Death by cyber bullying Audrie Pott was driven to death by cyber bullying...

You can be beautiful, smart, talented and popular, yet in a flash you can be defamed and shamed via cyber bullying to the extent of suicide. Death by cyber bullying -- this is what happened to Audrie Pott, only 15 at the time of death, she had a whole life ahead of her. A confident brunette beauty, she was well-known amongst her peers and a gifted artist and musician at Saratoga High School.

In September 2012, reports state that Pott was stripped naked and sexually battered by at least three teen boys at a house party after she passed out --having consumed some Gatorade that was mixed with liquor. Pott’s family attorney, Robert Allard, said that: “They did unimaginable things to her while she was unconscious.”

Shortly after, photos of the attack were circulating amongst her classmates in school via cell phones and images posted online went viral to Pott’s horror. Pott posted on her Facebook page: 'The whole school knows...My life is ruined'. She hung herself eight days after the attack.

Watch the video of Audrie's last words in private Facebook messages...

The recent case of Rehtaeh Parsons’ was eerily similar, where the alleged assaulters snapped photos of the rape and distributed them around the school.

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Scribbles on her body

Audrie had no idea what occurred until she woke up the following morning after the attack only to find “drawings on her body and some private areas”. Documents confirm that there is no evidence of sexual intercourse, but one suspect revealed that the other two teens had violated Audrie by touching her sexually. According to the sheriff’s report, there were scribbles on her breast stating that: “[blank] was here”. There were also arrows and circles all over her body and near her genitalia.

Parents want Audrie Pott’s name known

The three boys have been arrested in Northern California according to accusations that they sexually battered the victim, Audrie. Names of the three 16-year-old boys who sexually attacked Potts are not revealed because they are still minors. However Pott’s parents wanted Audrey’s name and case known, so they provided a photo of her to AP. Hopefully this will spur anti-bullying laws and penalties against juveniles for these sorts of abominable behaviours will have increased penalties.

Family Lawyer, Allard, also mentioned: "It is the family's goal that the community is made safer by holding the suspects accountable, by sending a message that the behavior that left Audrie feeling hopeless and without a way out, such as harassment and bullying of any kind, electronically or not, will not be tolerated."

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Talk about cyber bullying to your kids

Cyber bullying is very real and very relevant today—perhaps even more so than traditional modes of bullying. Death by cyber bullying is real, just like Audrie Pott and Rehtaeh Parsons. So parents, make it a point to talk to your kids about cyber bullying as part of Internet safety and the correct use of technology.

Please make sure that your kids understand that they should never use any online platforms or their smart phones to embarrass or hurt another individual. If they are being victimised, they should alert you immediately, no matter what the circumstance—promise to be understanding and not critical.

If your child witnesses any form of suspected cyber bullying, they should report it to an adult instantly. Parents should also set rules and guidelines on use of technology in the home. Where possible, usage should be monitored and controlled reasonably.

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We hope that this article on death by cyber bullying has left an impact so that we as parents take cyber bullying seriously.

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