Their baby died because she was forgotten in her car seat

Their baby died because she was forgotten in her car seat

Recently, in Malaysia, a one-year-old baby died after being left inside a car for more than five hours.

Nobody would dream of going through the passing of a loved one, much less a child. The death of a baby is one of the most devastating experiences...ever.

We would not wish that upon any parent, especially for a mother. She has nurtured the baby in her womb for nine months. She has saved up all the love in the world, for her baby. She is simply too ill-equipped to handle the loss of her child. Especially not when it involves a freak accident. And one that could have been avoided.

Forgotten baby in car

Recently, in Malaysia, a one-year-old baby died after being left inside a car for more than five hours. As per THE STAR ONLINE, the case was reported to the police by the girl’s father.

Apparently, the baby girl was placed in the car seat by the mother. She would then have to be dropped to the babysitter’s by the father.  The father drove to work without knowing that the baby was behind, in the car seat.

He further added, "The babysitter then called the father at around 3pm asking him why they did not send their child to her house. The father then went to his car and found his daughter in a weakened condition."

By then, it was too late and all was lost. The baby was taken to a hospital immediately but the doctors were unable to save the child. Police have already registered this case as one of child neglect.

So who is to blame for this forgotten baby in car?


One can assume that the blame game has started. We don’t really believe in taking sides and judging someone from hearsay. We feel very strongly for the family and grieve for their loss. We also hope that no one else has to go through such a horror of a forgotten baby in car.

But could this accident have been avoided if there was proper communication between the parents? Have we, as parents, stopped talking to each other? Have our Facebook feeds and WhatsApp chats taken over our lives? Are we being pulled in too many directions? Can we avoid such tragedies in future by simply being more mindful?

Some tips from us:

We may not be able to safeguard ourselves against every perceivable tragedy, but here are some pointers that may go a long way in ensuring the safety of our loved ones:

  • Look before you lock: Drivers, especially parents, must get in the habit of checking the backseat every time they arrive at their destination.
  • Better to be safe than sorry: When sending your child over to a babysitter, make sure you call and check to see if she’s there and doing fine. Caregivers might do well on their part to call and enquire in case a child never turns up.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate: Parents must talk to each other more often. Make sure there are no gadgets to distract you when you talk to your spouse. Both parents must be in the loop when it comes to their kids' daily activities.
  • Be prepared for forgetfulness: In this age of information overload and constant messaging, the mind is constantly fatigued and stressed. Parents must realise that an overtaxed brain can fail you. Experts recommend taking some time off every day to just switch off, relax, breathe and connect with your inner self. This will go a long way in helping you boost your memory and regain your focus.
  • Stay vigilant: Lastly, if you see a child inside a locked up car, don’t just walk away. Never shy away from alerting the authorities. Remember, a timely call can save a life.

(Source: The Star Online)

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