theAsianparent July Blockbuster Rewards – Win a Tollyjoy hamper worth $300!

theAsianparent July Blockbuster Rewards – Win a Tollyjoy hamper worth $300!

Day 27 of our giveaway is here! Moms and Dads, boy do we have a joyful treat for you! Tollyjoy is here with a baby and mother care hamper worth $300!! The hamper comes packed with: baby wipes, a feeding bowl, diaper pull up pants, a cleanser as well as an anti-bacterial disposal breast milk storage bags.

Tollyjoy’s baby wipes are amazingly fresh and clean and has a balanced pH 5.5 level to effectively clean while retaining the skin’s natural moisture. Tollyjoy’s baby wipes contain Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extracts to ensure that your baby’s skin is soothed, refreshed and moisturised; the wipes do not contain any fragrance, alcohol or parabens.

Tollyjoy_Fresh & Clean Wipes 1

Tollyjoy’s also giving away a colourful set of feeding bowls which come with a child-friendly snap-on spoon. The bowls feature an easy-hold  grip  area  to  aid  as  babies  explore  handling  these utensils  by themselves.

This massive hamper also comes with Tollyjoy’s diaper pull up pants! Mummies, you can sleep stress-free knowing your child is sleeping comfortably in their pull-ups! These diaper pull-ups come designed with a 3D Side Leak Guard, tideal for worry-free overnight use.

Tollyjoy Diaper Pull Up Pants

Tollyjoy is also giving away their Antibacterial Liquid Cleanser. Use it to clean vegetables of harmful pesticides and to remove bacteria build up from toys! The cleanser is also effective in removing milk fats and deposits from baby bottles, baby feeding teats and other baby accessories.

Not sure if it’s safe to store your precious breastmilk? Stress-no-more with Tollyjoy’s anti-bacterial disposable breast milk storage bags. A unique Antimicrobial Nano Silver (Ag+) technology helps to suppress and prevent bacteria contamination during storage to help ensure the safety and hygienic storage of breast milk. These  new  storage  bags  are  extra  thick  and  feature anti-leak double-zip seals to prevent leakage during storage, freezing and transportation.
Anti BreastMilk StorageBag new (1)
Tollyjoy  is  a  leading  provider  of  reliable,  durable  and  value-for-money mother and baby care products. Tollyjoy - for the baby you love!

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