TheAsianParent Checks Out the Subaru Challenge 2010

TheAsianParent Checks Out the Subaru Challenge 2010

The Subaru Challenge 2010 has picked up heat. The challenge is left with only 40 participants out of the 400 contenders that joined the challenge.

52 Hours into the challenge

The Subaru Challenge 2010 has picked up heat. The challenge is left with only 40 participants out of the 400 contenders that joined the challenge. Held outside Takashimaya, the supporters stood behind the barriers giving constant support to the loved ones taking part in the competition.  TheAsianparent team decided to do a little snooping around today. 52 hours into the competition, the air was filled with tension as spectators looked on trying to predict who the next ‘jelly legs’ would be.

The Subaru Challenge 2010 participants left standing

We looked out into the competing area and found that some seemed to be going on strong while some sleep deprived faces looked like their knees were going to give way any time.

New age motivation from supporters, in the form of threats. Inspirational !

As we spoke to the supporters present at the event, we found out that some participants turned the hood of the car into an imaginary iPhone and some even turned the boot into a keyboard. Read on to find out more as we get the inside scoop on the event. We have the words from the supporters who are mothers, supporters who are children, and even the paramedics.

Ellen, Mother supporting 23 year old daughter, Melissa

“This is the second year she’s tried the challenge. Last year, she managed to get through 50 hours. She’s very motivated because all she wants is to get that car. Last year she dropped out because of the rain I believe she can do it, she’s very driven."

Ellen, Mother supporting daughter who is standing in the background

The Marshall for ‘Car 10’, Joyle, 22.

“Everyone here is nice. One of them will definitely have to be the winner. The worst situation was when I went over to check in on the participants when one of them had muscle cramps. We had to use a wheel chair to get them out of the area.

When asked what the secret to winning was, she said,

“It mostly depends on luck when it comes to which area your hands are allocated to. The back of the car is always the easiest place to be while the front is just the hardest because of the position your arm will be in. It tends to cut off blood circulation. Another tip would be to wear flip flops; it’s more comfortable then wearing track shoes if it rains.

Joyle, Marshall for 'Car 10"

Manimegalai, 51, supported by her two children aged 20 and 24.

“I took part in the year 2006 and lasted for 48 hours and in the year 2007, I lasted for 59 hours.

When asked if her children would take part in the competition one day, she gave us a sporting reply,

“They are not as crazy as me. They are more keen in football!”

Mdm Manimegalai 51 , participant

Diana, Mother of 3 children aged 8, 13 and 16

“I came to support my husband today. He loves challenging himself. At first I was against the whole idea. But now I’ve gotten used to it. I feel so bad for him. I can't see him in pain.It’s like mental torture for both of us.”

Mdm Diana , supporting husband who is standing in the background

Daryl 11 years old and Jerry 6 years old who were just there to watch, were asked if they would ever try the challenge.

Daryl, “No, I don’t think so”

Jerry, “I definitely will!”

Jerry (Left) and Daryl (Right) with their father

Paramedics, Grace and Sufian who have been giving paramedical aid to the event for the past 9 years.

Grace: “The worst we’ve had was people hallucinating. Some started seeing potato chips and some even saw their fingers as keyboards. We’ve also seen lots of back pains, dehydration and leg swelling cases”

Sufian:”For the previous years, one man actually ran from the barrier and onto the road because he couldn’t take the pressure. Some cases just have people collapsing”

We asked them what would be the requirement to join the competition and if he would join the challenge himself, Sufian replied with a simple yet heavy answer,

“You have to be physically fit. Most importantly, mentally fit. And keep hydrated. I won’t take part. I don’t want to get myself hurt.”

The paramedics at the Subaru 2010 Challenge

Seems like the one with the strongest immune system, mental system, legs, hands and most importantly, the one with the strongest bladder will win the challenge!

The never-dying spirit of the participants never fail to inspire.


We wish the participants and their families’ good luck!

Even though she's holding the sign upside down , we get the point :)

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