theAsianParent Cares: Self-Healing Workshop For Parents, Our First-Ever Community Event!

theAsianParent Cares: Self-Healing Workshop For Parents, Our First-Ever Community Event!

We had our first-ever community-based event. Check out all the fun things we had in store for parents and kids!

Parents have a busy lifestyle – from managing their work to taking care of their children and their families – it is always go-time. We at theAsianparent that’s why decided to help parents relax through our first-ever community-based  Self-Healing Workshop.

The event which took place last Saturday 7 October at Bukit Timah cafe, KARA Moments, provided parents with the chance to learn more about Seifu therapy – a Japanese healing technique that provides an array of benefits to the mind and body. This was especially beneficial for parents who are sleep-deprived, as a lot of the techniques help improve sleep quality.

Led by Seifu Therapist, Tricia Tee, the interactive session saw her teaching parents some simple exercises, such as massaging certain pressure points like the ears and the eyes to improve their well-being. 


Tricia explaining some great benefits of Seifu Therapy to parents

While Tricia shared some insightful information about Seifu therapy, the kids were kept occupied at the play area which had ample colouring paper and pens. 


Kiddos making some colourful masterpieces at our cosy play area

Families were also treated to some delicious, lip-smacking food from our venue partner KARA Moments with a selection of pasta, salad, fruits, fish and chicken – a complete meal!  


Parents and kids enjoying the yummy food 😋

For parents who wanted more tips on Seifu therapy, Tricia offered one-to-one consultations after her talk. We saw many parents lining up for Tricia’s expertise! 


Mum enjoying a relaxing Seifu-based massage

Besides the Seifu therapy talk, families enjoyed other activities such as express manicure by Breathe Nailspa which offers organic nail paint that is especially good for pregnant women. 


Mum getting pampered with the amazing nail technicians at Breathe Nailspa 💅🏻

A terrarium building workshop for kids and parents from our friends at Dee potter SG!

P.S. Did you know terrariums are just like aquariums but just for plants instead? 


Dee potters beautiful terrarium designs and our cute little guest with her terrarium plant!

And a booth from Mushroom Kingdom which had delicious samples of their mushroom chips which are low in calories and fat-free! 


Mum checking out Mushroom Kingdom’s lip-smacking snacks

During the event, we also organised an exclusive giveaway of Japanese brand IUIGA’s Lil’ Traveller Ride-On luggage for which parents had to take a photo of their little one holding the theAsianparent heart logo and upload it on our photobooth feature on our app!


Adorable kiddos with taking part in our giveaway 😍

We received some great feedback from parents and children throughout the event. Fellow dad Ian Yar called the event enjoyable and added that it gave parents like himself an opportunity to bond with their children through various activities. Another parent Jo-Ann said that she enjoyed the different activities in each corner and loved the kids play area which allowed her to concentrate on the talk.

Thank you very much, parents and kids, for your feedback and for joining us at our Self-Healing Workshop. We hope you had a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing you at our next event! 

We would also like to thank our wonderful sponsors  – Dee potters, Breathe Nailspa, Mushroom Kingdom, Mussvital and Zoovite, this event would not be possible without you. 

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Written by

Shreya Jagdish

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