How The “Worded” Toy Teaches Your Child A Valuable Skill For Life

How The “Worded” Toy Teaches Your Child A Valuable Skill For Life

TheAsianparent picked out five books, from the National Library and its branches, which not only your child will enjoy, but also learn a thing or two from!

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Books that your child might be interested in

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers, “ said Charles W. Eliot, an American academic who was selected as Harvard’s president in 1869. There cannot be more truth in these words. Teaching your child to read is an asset that will allow him to embark upon many journeys through stories and keep him occupied. TheAsianparent picked out five books, from the National Library and its branches, which will not only your child, will enjoy, but also learn a thing or two!

Flabby Tabby – Penny McKinlay

Flabby Tabby

Penny McKinlay writes about a fat cat named Tabby who has everything done for her by her mistress, little Polly. Eventually becoming overweight, she is brought to a vet who suggests an introduction to a kitten will help Tabby get back on her toes. Tabby finds herself having to compete for attention and her share of the dinner with the new kitten. Eventually exercising and getting herself back in shape, Tabby finds she is more active and feels better about herself.

McKinlay goes the extra mile to allow children to see how much of a disadvantage being lazy and overweight can be. Illustrations by Britta Teckentrup may take on a childish side but the brilliant colours chosen will surely engage preschoolers!

How Emily Blair Got Her Fabulous Hair – Susan Garrison

Emily Blair

There has been a time, when, as children, we were upset about something about ourselves, be it our nose, buck teeth or knobbly knees. Susan Garrison amplifies this by penning a book about a little girl named Emily Blair who has extremely straight hair. She despairs over the lack of life her hair has and seeks happiness in styling her friend, Pamela’s, thick curly blond hair.

However, one day when Pamela requests braids, Emily finds it extremely hard to braid her Pam’s wavy, curly hair. Switching places, Pamela skilfully does Emily’s hair in a neat and beautiful braid which Emily feels overwhelmingly happy with. In a book littered with simple yet detailed illustrations by Marjorie Priceman, Garrison veils the importance of not having to change anything about yourself with a simple story of Emily and her hair.

Where’s My Darling Daughter – Mij Kelly & Katherine McEwen

Where’s my darling daughter

This book takes a dig at dads and what scatterbrains they can be at times! The story revolves around a father who has his little girl strapped to his back, but forgets and searches the whole house and his farm for his ‘missing’ daughter. Written with the ease of simple poetry, the humorous story shows the huge amount of love a father can have for his daughter.

Blackbird and the Children – Yan Pang

Blackbird and the children

Written by Malaysian Yan Ping, the book is about two orphaned children, Din and Siti, living by themselves who do the domestic chores regularly. One day after a storm, they find an injured black bird which they take turns to nurse back to health. The bird stays with them and eventually repays their kindness when Siti goes missing. Part of the Wildlife Fun Series, this book shows the importance of treating animals with kindness and responsibility.

Amir’s Friend – Jamaiah Osman

Amir’s Friend

Preparing your little one for primary one next year? Then here’s a guide for Junior in the form of a story. ‘Amir’s Friend’ tells the story about a little boy named Amir who spends the first half of his first day at school alone. Eventually plucking up the courage to make friends with another boy, Amir begins the second half of his day happily making more friends and having fun with them. By the end of the day, Amir describes to his father his enjoyable day at school. A must read for any 6-year-old dreading school next year!

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