The sashimi did it?

The sashimi did it?

Lily Chua shares her labour story with

Joie is my second child but I was none the wiser regarding labour contractions.

Joie's EDD was to be 28 June. I chose 20 June to be my C-section delivery. I decided my last day of work to be 16 June. That night, my company had an outdoor function. Knowing I am "safe" in my last trimester, I decided to eat the sashimi.

Around midnight I had diarrhea and after that stomach pains continued. At 2.30 am the pain got worse. Luckily my husband came home after doing some work in the office.

Bearing the pain till about 4am I called my gynae for advice. He told me to go straight to hospital I am in labour!

At 6.33am beautiful Joie is born. Was it the sashimi? U think?

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