The O-Level results are out and they're the highest since 1995!

The O-Level results are out and they're the highest since 1995!

The big O has been done and dusted, and students all over Singapore have breathed that sigh of relief. With the release of the results today, kids and parents across the island must be jumping for joy.

Channel NewsAsia covered the release of the class of 2015's O-Level results. And there's a reason for Singaporeans to celebrate.

The O-Level results in 2016 achieved a 83.8% of students who scored at least 5 passes, the highest since 1995 as announced by the Ministry of Education (MOE) today.

This is a 0.5% increase from last year's 83.3%.

The O-Level Results in 2016, belonging to the 29, 723 candidates who sat for the O-Levels back in 2015, had 29, 695 (99.99%) passing at least 1 subject.

28, 556 (96.1%) of them scored at least 3 passes, an improvement from last year's 95.9%.

The Normal (Academic) students showed an improvement, with 88.6% of them passing at least 1 subject, compared to last year's 87.9%.

An improvement in grades was found across the board, with 90.5% of the private candidates getting at least 1 pass- a rise from the previous year's 89.5%.


theAsianparent wishes the new batch of graduates all the best in their future endeavours! Of course, their parents deserve a pat on the back too. 

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Pavin Chopra

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