The No. 1 reason why parents should read!

The No. 1 reason why parents should read!

We all know the general reasons why anyone should read – it keeps us mentally active, improves our vocabulary and knowledge, provides glimpses into other cultures, places and even experiences.

While all that is enough to get some adults to read, the ONE MAIN reason why parents should read is…

When you read, your kids will too!

Nothing encourages kids more than seeing their Moms and Dads spending some time each day or week reading.  If you’re not already an avid reader, we’ve come up with two foolproof ways to get you and your kids reading.

Cheat-sheet 1 - If you have a busy work schedule, set aside half an hour or more of family time at home for you and the whole family to have some quiet reading time.  When the children see you sitting down with a good book, they will follow suit.  The more the children read, they will get into the habit of doing so.

Cheat-sheet 2 - So you’re too busy with work and prefer to read on the go.  Do it the electronic way!  We’ve compiled a list of websites and applications where you can obtain e-books.  Don’t forget to download e-titles for the kids as well!

READ! Singapore

This is the perfect month for you to start reading or expanding your reading repertoire as it coincides with the National Library Board's (NLB) launch of this year's READ! Singapore.

The initiative, which is in its fifth year, aims to promote a culture of reading fiction among Singaporeans.  From 23 June to 28 September 2011, NLB has organized various book discussions and other engaging activities to promote reading among the citizens.

Read! Singapore 2011 will highlight 20 literary works including novels, short stories and poems in the four official languages, written by renowned international and local authors.  These works are available to the public for community reading and discussion.  Click here for more information on the literary works and activities.

Here are a few of our favorites titles from this year’s selection.



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Written by

Wafa Marican

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