Can Reading E-books Be Bad for My Kids?

Can Reading E-books Be Bad for My Kids?

With all the latest technology, are e-books the best solution for reading?

Let's face it, we live in a world where everything is about going to a more convenient application. E-books are the perfect example of this. Yes, it may be much easier to pick up a viewer and load the book you want to read, but does it give you that same feeling?

Many experts say that allowing kids to read e-books is removing the use of imagination, especially where the advanced e-books come into play. These enhanced versions have more distracting things on them that will pull the attention away from the book.

Can Reading E-books Be Bad for My Kids?

The effect of e-books on literacy

Since all they have to do is listen to the e-book (if in audio form), how exactly does that teaches our children to read? There is no need for them to try and sound out the words because the tablet is doing it for them. Many experts have decided that this will not help small children to read. They encourage parents to use traditional books when getting children ready to start reading.

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What age should my child start using e-books?

Can Reading E-books Be Bad for My Kids?

Many experts suggest waiting until your child knows how to read on their own before introducing e-books. Children should be able to read on their own before getting hooked on e-books that will read the books for them. Even when they are old enough, experts suggest using the basic e-books instead of the enhanced versions. The basic version will stick more to the story line than the enhanced ones.

Monitor which e-books your children read

Can Reading E-books Be Bad for My Kids?

Many top brand book stores have developed their own e-readers that will allow people to self publish their own books. This can be slightly concerning and annoying in the world of parenthood. You may want to monitor which books your children are reading to make sure that they are correct and not filled with nonsense that they do not need to hear.

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E-books are a wonderful advancement in book reading and can be a major asset for parents, but as with any other electronic device your child has, it should be monitored. Parents are the real teachers for our children, they will follow our example. So let's make it a good one.

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