4 Great lessons for mums from the 'Iron Lady'

4 Great lessons for mums from the 'Iron Lady'

Opinions are divided on how the world perceives the late Margaret Thatcher. While so many debated on her effectiveness as a leader, many often forget what a lady she was. In commemoration of her passing last week, we ponder on the great lessons her life has taught us women.

In her admittedly disliked stint as the Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher proved, contrary to numerous age old beliefs that still persist in society today, that a woman can and should have it all. A wife, a mother and the head of state in the United Kingdom, Mrs Thatcher appeared the quintessential figure of a successful modern woman who beat the odds to emerge triumphant.

While many may believe that this high-powered, no-nonsense lady clad in the iconic pinstripe suit would be a natural advocate for women’s rights and feminist movements, Margaret Thatcher was in fact not a supporter of the feminist stance. Sparking unpopularity when countless women accused her of abandoning her femininity, many failed to realise, however, that the Iron Lady’s achievements themselves were already a shining testimony to the massive potential of women and a priceless gem in favour of feminism itself.

In light of this, as a result, there appears a myriad of learning points that the first female Prime Minister of the UK has to offer. Her drive, ambition and personality may not endear herself to many, but it is undeniable that this very disposition forms the foundation for what today’s women and mums can learn and improve themselves with.

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Miss Popularity -- Not

We know that Mrs Thatcher’s policies were not the most popular and undoubtedly, she would also be aware of the widespread unpopularity of many of her iron-fisted implementations, such as the ill-favoured anti-inflationary policy as well as the move towards privatisation and deregulation.

Mrs Thatcher took a risk at unpopularity and the likely chance of losing votes, but she understood what had to be done and forgoed her likability for that. Former defence secretary Dr Liam Fox worded it well, recalling how “she never wanted to be popular but was keen on being respected.” Women today can use this principle not just in the workplace, but at home as well. Mummies are able to manage the household and discipline their tots better once they realise that the popular method isn't always the best method.

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Margaret Thatcher

Persistent and relentless

If the world desired to know an individual so motivated and driven for a cause that they believed in, a definite candidate to fill that position would indubitably be Mrs Thatcher. Headstrong, determined and persevering, Mrs Thatcher knew what she wanted and stuck by her ideals doggedly and diligently.

Modern women can pick up some of her unrelenting spirit and adopt a similarly tenacious attitude that never stops working hard nor ever settles for second best.

Tough cookie

Mix all these traits together and you get the perfect recipe for one tough cookie who refuses to ever back down. Unpopular yet persistent in getting things done, Mrs Thatcher was not someone to be trifled with. Her unyielding and indomitable strength repeatedly put to the test saw her emerging even hardier and enduring than ever.

What Margaret Thatcher did to garner her so much flack was probably exactly what any other male politician might have done. Just that in this case, her very identity as a woman enforcing such policies exponentially amplified the unpopularity of both her actions and her leadership. What mattered here, however, was the fact that she always got the job done and was confident of her abilities amidst the mounting criticism.

Salutations to the Iron Lady

What makes Mrs Thatcher a timeless role model for women of all ages, be they at home or at work, is probably that she was always her own woman and remained steadfast to her cause.

In the today’s age where women are constantly struggling to juggle between the household and the office, many inevitably lose themselves in the process and forget the motivation behind what they are doing. The memory of Mrs Thatcher teaches and reminds women to always stick by your beliefs and stay true to yourself, even when put down by the majority.

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