The Fish & Co. makeover with a brand new menu

The Fish & Co. makeover with a brand new menu

Fish & Co., a name synonymous for the freshest seafood in a pan, has gone for a makeover! Check out the brand new look and you’d thank them for coming up with a scrumptious new menu.

The Fish & Co. makeover with a brand new menuThe Fish now has a Partner?

Yes! In response to the requests from non-seafood lovers, Fish & Co. now serves chicken, making this one of their signature milestones. This is to expand menu options to the non-seafood lovers.

These new dishes have also been carefully concocted by the Head Chef. Some of the exciting new concoctions include:

Grilled Chicken with Swordfish Collar

A huge chunk of swordfish collar accompanied with our juicy grilled boneless chicken thigh in peri-peri sauce. For the brave-hearted who are looking for an adventure.

Grilled Chicken with Oyster Frites

Grilled chicken topped with peri-peri sauce, served with zinc-rich oysters crumbed and fried to a golden brown.

Feathers & Fins Platter

Array of grilled seafood such as peri-peri prawns, Moroccan-flavoured fish fillet, and blue mussels in garlic lemon butter sauce, paired with grilled peri-peri chicken, all served on a bed of mashed potato and paella rice.

New Uniforms and The Revamped Fish & Co. iPad Application

The new uniform represents youthfulness and vibrancy. The colours yellow and white were chosen to symbolize energy and brightness (from the sun). White symbolizes freshness, and Fish & Co. serves white meat only (fish & chicken), which we feel is apt for the theme.

An updated version of the iPad ordering system was unveiled, and this updated version contains new menu so that customers can tap into technology to view and order their exciting new dishes. It also offers offering convenience to customers and enhancing their efficiency in delivery of service. The iPad menu is eco-friendly and kid-friendly too.

X’mas 2011


In line with their new and meaty (no pun intended!) initiative, 2 new dishes were specially concocted by their culinary team this Christmas! They are:

Winter White

Baked juicy boneless chicken leg stuffed with Mediterranean salsa; served with Mediterranean Salmon and Grilled White fish drizzled with Creamy Peri Peri Sauce with chips.

Winter Wonder

Baked juicy boneless chicken leg stuffed with Mediterranean salsa; served with Baked King Prawn with lemon butter sauce and whipped potato.







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Felicia Chin

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