The first known case of 'foot orgasm'

The first known case of 'foot orgasm'

A 55-year-old woman experiences the first known case of orgasms that stem from her left foot.

sex Foot orgasm, the first known case

An unusual orgasm

Yahoo news recently reported about a 55-year-old woman from the Netherlands, who experienced unwanted orgasmic sensations that were not brought on by conventional sexual thoughts or activity. These sensations occur about six times a day; they first start off from her left foot and travel up her vagina.

The woman claimed that the sensations felt just like the orgasm achieved after sexual intercourse, and according to her, “She felt terrible about it.” Surely, she feels worried and embarrassed about this foot orgasm phenomenon since her experience is the first known case.

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Diagnosis and treatment

The woman consulted Dr. Marcel D. Waldinger, a neuropsychiatrist and professor in sexual psychopharmacology, for help. Initially, magnetic resonance images (MRI scans) showed no signs of abnormalities in her brain or foot, but results later revealed that her nerves in her right and left leg appeared different.

Dr. Waldinger also tried stimulating her foot with an electric current, which managed to trigger spontaneous bouts of foot orgasm. This allowed doctors to identify the nerve that affected these sensations. One of her spinal nerves was injected with anesthesia, and the orgasms stopped immediately.

The foot orgasm has stopped for eight months now, but she will probably need another round of injections. Researchers also believe that the nerve damage in her foot caused her brain to be unable to differentiate between the foot and vagina.

“It’s not psychological,” Dr. Waldinger assured, “It’s a neurological thing — we can explain it, we can treat it.”

foot orgasm Asides foot orgasms, there are many sexual problems people encounter

Sexual problems you encounter

The foot orgasm may be frustrating for the 55-year-old lady, for others however, hearing about this foot orgasm phenomenon could seem like a blessing. Be that as it may, not all people experience sexual problems that are potentially desirable. Most of the time, sexual problems are maddening, discouraging, and could end up destroying you or your partner’s libido instead.

Whether it is a medical problem or purely psychological, always consult your doctor or a professional for help. If your partner suffers from a sexual problem, be there to offer him or her more affection because it is the time when they need reassurance and security the most.

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Other weird sexual encounters

Here are some more strange sexual encounters that have been making rounds in the media:

  1. Cosmopolitan. A couple picked up a bottle of nitroglycerin paste (which causes fatal drop in blood pressure), thinking it was lube. But, grandma came home to the couple lying naked on the floor in the middle of doing the deed.
  2. Cracked. A woman developed hypersexuality after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage. Doctors expected that she would not be able to make it, but she surprised everyone when she woke up riding her husband instead. From then on, she has uncontrollable sexual urges and has been sexually active with about 50 random strangers in total.
  3. Cracked. Bestiality is one of the weirdest sexual problems a person could have. Bestiality ranges from ridiculous and harmless sexual desires, such as dendrophilia (attraction to trees) to hauntingly blood-curdling ones like necrophilia (to corpses).
  4. Cosmopolitan. A couple came back to a college dorm tipsy and high, and used a tube of super glue thinking it was lube. Her vagina ended up sticking together, it was so painful that she had to go to the college hospital.
  5. iVillage. In a remote part of northeast Cambodia, parents in the Kreung tribe build sex huts for their daughters and let them have premarital sex so that she can choose her ideal sex partner for a husband.

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