The birth story

The birth story

Norida Haron shares her labour story with

Date : 17th November 2010

Time : 0315hrs

I woke up with a sudden contraction that hurts my whole stomach. That happened once. I knew it was time. I couldn't continue sleeping. Drifted in and out of sleep.

Time : 0600hrs

Contractions timed at 10min apart. It goes on until 0700hrs. I woke up, surfed Facebook, and timed contractions. Woke hubs up at 0715hrs for Haj Prayers. I din tell him, of course!

Time : 0800hrs

Mucus plug fall off. Called Mum, took a shower and get ready to go over for breakfast.

Time : 0830hrs

Hubs reached home. Told him to go get ready while I hang the laundry. He asked why, and i calmly answered I'm in labour. Of course, his kanchiong-ness took over (as expected), asked me to go and sit down while he helped to finish up. I told him, the pain is still bearable and it's fine. But of course, he din listen.

Time : 0930hrs

Reached mum's place for Haj breakfast and continued timing contractions which were still at 10min apart.

Time : 1100hrs

Decided to leave for the hospital. Reached the hospital 40min later and checked in at the Delivery Suite Ops 1. Nurse took my BP which's at 150, temp check, strapped to Doppler machine for contractions. Was in there til 1330hrs. Even had the time to play "Words With Friends" cuz I basically have got nothing to do but wait. Nurse took bp again and it's still high. So, I've to be admitted.

Time : 1330hrs

Was wheeled to  Delivery Suite Room 23. Changed and strapped to machine again. Nurse came in to asks questions abt drug allergy, placenta n whatnots. Asked me to sign in agreement placenta not claiming back. Dr in charge came in to inform me that I'll be induced at 1900hrs. While all these was going on, I was forced to pee, passmotion all on the bed, strapped. Contractions started to come close at 5min apart but it was still bearable. Passed the time by watching a lil of tv. I was nervous, cuz I've never been admitted or broke any part of my body to be hospitalised. So, I find smthg to distract me.

Time : 1623hrs

Dr in charge came in to do a VE (Vaginal Examination) and I was at 4cm dilated. Hubs told me he'll go down for lunch first. So I said okay. Both of us totally din see it coming. When hubs left, Dr came in and said she'll break my waterbag now. So, of course, (like I was given a choice) I nod. The trainee Dr tried to break, she was unsuccessful. And that eqpmt scraped me badly juz cuz she cldn't break it. So, the other Dr took over. I think, she put her whole hand in, and trust me, you do not wanna know how it feels like. I felt like smthg ruptured in me and water plus maybe mucus flow out like a river.

Time : 1700hrs

Hubs came back soon after they got me cleaned up, and I told him they've already broke my bag. He was like o-kay. Contractions started to feel mildly intense. Dr in charge came in to wake baby up cuz she was sleeping in there.

Time : 1800hrs

Contractions timed at possibly 4 min apart, were starting to cause discomfort. Asked for the gas. It seriously din help! This was ongoing, Nurse did the VE, I was at 6cm. I can't stand it anymore and even tempted to ask for the Epidural. Hubs got me thru the pain - somehow.

Time : 1950hrs

Contractions were very intense already and felt the urge to push, timed at 2 min apart. It din feel like passing motion like most pple described. It's more like your tummy contracts soo badly that you're trying to push smthg out - in this case, your baby. Nurse taught me how to push. I was in too much pain, I cldn't be bothered to respond to anyone. I din even mutter a word nor scream. I had to push at every contraction. Baby had passed meconia in the womb. And we need to get baby out asap in fear of swallowing. Nurse tried to remove the meconia as much as possible from my womb. I felt like vomitting, but didn't.

Time : 2030hrs

Dr Marianne came in n checked to see progress and it's like baby's not making any. She told the nurse to standby "Assisted Delivery" which means, forceps. When I heard that, I decided to push baby out with all my might cuz I seriously do not want my baby delivered via forceps. Dr Marianne left to assist another patient while the helpful nurse assisted me with the push count.

Time : 2200hrs

Suddenly the whole room was filled with soo many people. I seriously din expect it was time. Though hubs told me that he can almost see baby's hair. I was soo exhausted from pushing. Hearing that baby's almost there, I pushed hard with every contraction.

Dr Marianne came back to push with the other 2 Dr in charge, 5 nurses and 2 baby Drs. How crowded the room was. It was such a touching gesture to have the whole team there to assist me. I pushed the mask away cuz it wasn't helping and concentrated on pushing. (Sorry hubs, if I shoved the mask to your face!)

Time : 2213hrs

Baby came out in 2 pushes. It wasn't as bad as the contractions, though. It didn't feel like you were ripped apart. The baby Drs took her away to check on her status. While they clean me up, and Dr Marianne stitched me up in 6. I din even realise they did the episioptomy on me. I guess I was busy concentrating too much on pushing and dealing with contraction pain. Ooh, and it's a GIRL! So, we named her Ily Ahdia.

Time : 2230hrs

Hubs made the call to respective family members that I've safely delivered. While the nurses continued to clean up, baby was wheeled away at 2300hrs to the Special Care. I din even get to hold her. Just smell her. And oh she's soo pink!

Time : 0030hrs

Both of us fell asleep waiting for them to wheel me off to the ward.

Time : 0100hrs

We finally made it to Ward 81, Room 28. After settling down, felt soo hungry, hubs went down to the vending machine to get sandwiches. The smell was soo tempting but after the first bite, I dun feel like eating juz cuz my throat felt like burning throughout labour. In the end, I juz consumed a cup of warm water and tried to go to slp. Which I miserably didn't till 0230hrs. Woke up at 0330hrs cuz the nurse told me to pee. Went back to slp, woke up at 0600hrs again cuz nurse checked my temp and bp. Cldn't slp at all after that.

Paid a visit to Ily at 1130hrs down at SCN to find out the status of her. Still had to monitor her til 6pm then, did they release her up to my ward if all else clear.

All in all, contractions are an evil thing I can experience in my entire life! But Alhamdulillah, I managed without epidural, and natural vaginal birth. It was a learning experience for both hubs n me. The gruelling 9-hr labor - nothing can top that. Thank you husband, for being my pillar throughout. Thank you Dr Marianne for your wonderful naggings and assistance throughout my 40 weeks pregnancy. And lastly, thank you to the wonderful team of KKH Delivery Suite. Without you, I'll not be delivering her on time! Ooh and I admire the teamwork! =)

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