Delicious fare for the whole family at The Bank Bar + Bistro

Delicious fare for the whole family at The Bank Bar + Bistro

Delicious modern pub grub, a kids' playroom, and an exciting menu... these are just some of the treats that await your family at The Bank Bar + Bistro...

The Bank Bar + Bistro is a posh eating establishment situated right in the middle of Singapore's central business district. With seats alongside big windows, it gives a great view to diners.

At first glance, you probably wouldn't think this place is kid-friendly. But look closely at the picture below; sharing space with elegant glasses and tumblers are colourful plastic tableware that can only mean one thing -- kids are welcome here!


The Bank Bar is actually so kid-friendly that it is a popular venue for kids' birthday parties. What's more, they also recently revamped their kids' menu, which now features sophisticated items that look and taste good enough to be on the regular menu.

And -- wait for it -- on weekends and public holidays, kids eat for free with every paying adult!

bday party

Let's talk about their drinks, though. The Bank Bar, as the name suggests, is a bar, and it has an impressive array of fine liquors, ranging from light to strong cocktails.

Try one of their Signature Cocktails, such as the Offshore Account ($18 - bottom left). This tall drink featuring Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, raspberries, citrus, and mint will leave a small Caribbean party in your mouth!

However, if you are after something a bit lighter, then you really can't go wrong with a classic Shirley Temple ($10.50 -- bottom right).  


To go with drinks as refreshing as these, The Bank Bar has a selection of divinely fresh salads and other scrumptious appetisers such as Asian Chicken Salad and Prawn and Crab Ceviche.

mozzarella salad

For something different yet comfortingly Italian, try this forest-fresh Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato appetiser featured above ($17.50). It's a beautiful marriage of that classic Italian combination: mozzarella, tomato, and basil.

The mozzarella is silky smooth and is lined with fresh, juicy slices of tomatos. Golden-toasted pine nuts add plenty of texture to this dish, while the balsamic reduction brings it all together.


You should also try The Bank Caesar Salad ($16.50, shown above), a cleverly deconstructed version of a regular Caesar salad that has a whole baby Romaine lettuce sitting prettily with crunchy, salty bacon and a crisp shard of parmesan.

Instead of croutons, there is a deliciously flaky parmesan and black pepper bread stick. To add to the perfection, the egg is poached just right, releasing a gentle stream of golden yolk when pierced. A delightful dish overall!


The Oriental Spicy Seafood Pizza ($27 -- above) is every seafood and pizza lover's dream come true. This wood-fired disc of golden-brown, thick-crusted pizza bread, is topped with succulent prawns, black mussels, fresh squid, mozzarella, crunchy garlic and scallion, all nestled in a sweet-tangy-spicy chilli crab sauce.


However, if you are more of a burger person, then you should really try The Bank Pulled Pork Burger ($17, featured above). This one is certainly among the best burgers out there.

The bun is quite obviously homemade and toasted to a perfect golden brown. The shredded pork is juicy and succulent and encased in a silky, smoky BBQ sauce that is really out-of-this-world!

Perfect fries to go with this burger make it a must-try option off The Bank Bar menu.

roast chicken

If you have a craving for traditional British pub fare, then look no further than The Bank Bar weekend roast special!

Try their hearty Chicken Roast ($26.50, above). The chicken is succulent and subtly flavoured with a mix of spices and herbs.

It is beautifully paired with traditional accompaniments such as roasted root vegetables, buttered corn and a very delicious homemade Yorkshire pudding. The gravy is rich and silky-smooth, making this whole meal a very satisfying one.

kids fish

The Bank Bar also has some great kids meals on their menu.

Instead of the usual chicken nuggets, fries and the like, they have really yummy and nutritious options for kids, such as the Kids Baked Dory ($12 -- featured above). 

Little ones are sure to love the spaghetti in a flavourful tomato sauce. Parents will be happy to see how healthy this meal is with the inclusion of soft and flaky baked fish and a side of corn kernels.

kids pasta

Another great option off the kids' menu is Penne and Cheese ($9.50 -- above). 

The pasta sits in a delicious cheesy sauce that even the fussiest eater is bound to enjoy. Again, mums will delight in the healthy sides of coleslaw and chunks of roasted potato that accompany this pasta dish.


The moist and rich Homemade Warm Chocolate Brownie ($15.50, above) is a chocolate lover's dream come true.

As the blob of double cream cookie ice-cream slowly melts from the warmth of the brownie, you are left with a decadent plateful of creamy chocolate-ey goodness!

marshmellow pie

This Baked Marshmallow ($14) accompanied with chocolate ice cream and berry compote is just as decadent as that chocolate brownie.

If you have a seriously well-developed sweet tooth, then this is the dessert for you. It has a stickiness to it, though, that some may not appreciate,


Price Range

Prices of items on the main menu (salads, appetizers, pastas, soups, pizzas, mains, sandwiches, and desserts) range from $14 (e.g., Forest Mushroom Soup, Homemade Beef Pie), to $46.50 (Pan-Seared Australian Tara Valley Beef Tenderloin).

On Saturdays and Sundays, The Bank Bar also offers their 'Weekend Special' for $26.50 nett.  This consists of the roast chicken dish featured in this review, or roast striploin with accompaniments, and their Weekly Dessert Special -- pretty good value for money here.



Is it kid-friendly?

The Bank Bar gets a great, big 'kid-friendly' stamp of approval!

It's not just the well thought-out kids' menu, kids-eat-for-free deal, high chairs, and colourful kiddie plastic tableware;  there is also an amazing playroom full of toys and things for the littles. Do be prepared to find it hard to drag your little ones away from this room.

If you have young kids, someone will have to monitor them in the room, though this is not so much of a problem for bigger kids.


One Shenton #01-01,
1 Shenton Way,
Singapore 068803


6636 2188

Opening hours

Mon, Tue, Thu: 11am - 12am;  Wed, Fri: 11am - 1am (except public holidays; Sat & Sun: 9am - 12am

*All prices of food featured in this article were correct at the time of conducting the review. 

Have you been to The Bank Bar & Bistro? What did you think about the food and atmosphere? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 


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