The 2012 movie you won't want to miss

The 2012 movie you won't want to miss

Filming for the all new romantic comedy What To Expect When You Are Expecting begins this week. The movie presents an all-star cast and promises to be an amazing and hilarious exploration of parenthood.

The 2012 movie you won't want to missCome next Mother's Day, look forward to a new romantic comedy with an all-star ensemble.  Following the success of multi-intertwining stories like in 2003's Love Actually and last year's Valentine's Day, filming for 2012's Mother's Day movie, What To Expect When You Are Expecting begins this week.

The movie is an adaptation of international best-seller and most beloved pregnancy book by the same title.  US Today named it as one of the 25 most influential books in the last 25 years.  It is read by 93% of pregnant women worldwide and is deemed to be a pregnancy bible.  The book has sold over 20 milion copies and translated into over 40 different languages.  "What to Expect® When You're Expecting" is the first installment of the WHAT TO EXPECT® franchise which also includes “What to Expect® The First Year” and “What to Expect® The Toddler Years,” among others. Together they have sold over 40 million copies.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting the movie promises to be a wildly hilarious and original.  It explores the nuanced relationships of four couples as they experience the excitement, trepidation, humor, and heartburn of preparing to embark on life’s biggest journey: parenthood.  The all-star cast includes, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, Matthew Morrison, Elizabeth Banks, Chace Crawford, Anna Kendrick, Brooklyn Decker, Rob Huebel and Chris Rock.

Jennifer Lopez will play Holly in one of the film’s the interlocking stories, a woman who adopts a baby from abroad with her husband after difficulty conceiving.

Matthew Morrison’s character Evan is teamed up with Cameron Diaz’s Jules on a popular celebrity dance show.  All their heat on and off the dance floor soon sparks a bun in the oven that will force them to synch their bi-coastal lives and reassess what matters in life – all while in the national spotlight.

Chace Crawford will play Marco.  His character reunites with an attractive old flame, played by Anna Kendrick after a turf war between their respective food trucks, and they embark on a funny, poignant journey together in the wake of a surprise pregnancy.

Elizabeth Banks’ character is a baby-crazy author of a children’s book about breast feeding and owner of The Breast Choice boutique, she is militant in her beliefs about what makes a good mother until she gets pregnant for the first time.

Rob Huebel will play Gale, a member of a motley crew of new dads who congregate in a city park in what is considered part play group, part secret society.

And Brooklyn Decker will play Skyler, the perennially perky character, who is married to a much older man, sails through her pregnancy with twins much to the consternation of her peers.

Parenthood is a time of excitement, joy and anxiety.  Yet, it is a universal language which we all speak and will be able to relate to.  Tell us your experiences during that first pregnancy.  How did you prepare for parenthood?

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