7 Types Of Text Messages Married Women Should Never Send

7 Types Of Text Messages Married Women Should Never Send

Women have no problem giving vent to their frustrations, but there are messages that all wives should stop themselves from sending.

Most women have no problems giving vent to their frustrations. It is for them an innate trait, the way it’s innate for men to remain stoic in times of adversity. Sometimes, however, women don’t notice when they have reached the point of oversharing.

This becomes a problem especially for married women, whose frustrations sometimes (a lot of times) stem from their husbands and marital lives. And in the digital age, it’s become easier to disseminate such things with the help of smartphones.

But there are simply things wives shouldn’t share to their friends. Here are seven texts a wife should never send to anyone.

1. Messages to ex-boyfriend

Unless it’s a matter of life and death or unless they must absolutely have to, married women should never get in touch with their past lovers. Not only can it open old wounds, it can also spark past attractions you thought was long dead.

2. Husband trash talk

7 Types Of Text Messages Married Women Should Never Send

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No husband is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that you should broadcast his shortcomings to your girlfriends or relatives. What would you feel if you found out that your husband has been discussing your inadequacies and weaknesses to his friends and colleagues? Marital problems are best discussed and solved only between concerned parties.

3. Shoving-him-under-the-bus excuses

“Be cautious how you use the, ‘I can’t come, because my husband won’t let me’ excuses,” says an article from Information Nigeria. “If you’re frequently saying he is the reason you can never do anything you want to do, you might start to believe it (and your friends certainly will).”

4. Passive-aggressive remarks

Sarcastic and passive-aggressive remarks are not unlike taking a step forward and two steps back; instead of actually solving problems, it only complicates them. If you want to say something to your husband, say it straight. They will be more open to discussing a certain matter if they know what exactly you’re trying to say.

5. Girlfriend gossip

7 Types Of Text Messages Married Women Should Never Send

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Not only is gossip a hobby of the insecure and the dissatisfied, it is also juvenile and unbecoming of any decent woman. Spreading gossip, especially if it’s about your husband, doesn’t benefit you, him, or your relationship. What it does it breed an environment of negativity which will only hurt both of you.

6. Flirty text to a guy friend

Even if you do it with the intention to be funny or friendly or some other reason you think is innocent and harmless, married women should be careful engaging in such conversations with other men.

7. Sexually explicit images

7 Types Of Text Messages Married Women Should Never Send

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Just don’t do it. There’s a time and place for everything, and sending sexually arousing images of yourself to your husband, even with good intention, can backfire spectacularly.

This story is based on the listicle from Information Nigeria.


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