What to do when a kid throw tantrums

What to do when a kid throw tantrums

All children throw tantrums. However, you need patience and presence of mind to deal with such tantrums and instill some discipline. Here are some tips that will help you weather your toddler's stormy behaviour.

Parents tend to kids who throw tantrums as a result of poor upbringing and nothing could be more wrong than this assumption. It is pertinent to note that even the best of parents can have a child throwing tantrums at inopportune moments and this is absolutely natural. It is important, however, that you as parents understand the nature as well as the reason for them to throw tantrums and handle it accordingly.


Key to dealing with a child when he/she throw tantrums


Temper tantrums have been defined and described as emotional responses given to situations where the demand of the toddler or the child is not fulfilled. Additionally, these tantrums could also be the result of frustration that is caused due to inability in expressing desires. Experts believe that there are many reasons for such temper tantrums or emotional outbursts and understanding the reason for it will actually help in dealing with it. Most common reasons for temper tantrums include not being able to do what they want to do, be on their own when they wish to or when something is taken away from them.

Other reasons include inability to express their feelings or inability to understand what you are saying. Some children throw temper tantrums when they are tired, hungry, sleepy, stressed out or worried. It is important to deal with each kind of tantrum differently and in such a way so as to ensure that your child does not repeat the behavior but still feels secure and safe with you.

Before understanding how to deal with temper tantrums, it is important to understand the other motivating factors that lead to temper tantrums or impact the intensity of the tantrum. The first deciding factor is the emotional quotient of your child and his or her intensity of reacting to things. This is very important for often children learn at a very young age to over dramatize situations, just to catch your attention. Secondly, the external environment surrounding the child is equally important and plays a very important role in deciding the intensity of the tantrum.


Most experts and most parents feel that ignoring the child while he or she is throwing a tantrum is the best way to handle it. Believe me, it really works! Every time I have my three year old screaming to glory, I ignore her and she stops when she realizes that it is not working. In fact, the frequency of tantrum throwing has reduced considerably with this method.

Another very easy way is to divert the attention of the child to something else. Always stick to routines and schedules laid down because this will help avoid tantrums caused due to lack of sleep or hunger. Always remain calm and do not let the tantrum affect you and ensure complete discipline.

However, having said that, it is important to remember that your child is very young and there is still a lot of time before he or she completely understands discipline and follows it. Patience is a virtue that all parents must have, at least in the initial years, to ensure that you bring up your child in a healthy environment.

Hope you found this article on handling a kid when he/she throw tantrums useful.

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