Teen Who Slapped Mum Repeatedly in Tiktok Video is Sorry, Says School

Teen Who Slapped Mum Repeatedly in Tiktok Video is Sorry, Says School

The teen repeated hit his mother on the head and also slapped her multiple times.

The hot-headed youngster who had Singaporeans riled up after he slapped his own mother in a TikTok video is “sorry for what he had done”, his school has said.

Surveillance footage of the violent incident surfaced online yesterday (Oct 4) on Facebook, garnering over 2,900 shares at the time of writing.

The clip appeared to be a repost of a TikTok video by a now-defunct user, @rainbowcontent. It is not clear how the user obtained the footage.

Tiktok Video

Image source: TikTok / rainbowcontent

In the shocking three-minute video, the teen, who remains unidentified, was shown hitting the woman on the head after she said she could not give him more money as she “didn’t have more” and was “powerless”.

He also slapped her repeatedly and swore at her as she sat on the floor, seemingly attempting to assemble some white storage containers.

The woman protested, telling the boy: “I’m doing things for you, you must still appreciate.”

But he continued to hit her and warned her not to “talk back”.

“I tell you how many times already,” he added, pointing a finger at her face.

The video cut off after the woman asked the boy, “Then how you treat Mummy?”

While the video appears to have been removed from TikTok, it was swiftly re-uploaded on other social media platforms, where it had netizens up in arms.

Many were perturbed by the boy’s behaviour and called on the authorities to get involved.

Tiktok Video

Image source: Screengrab / Facebook

Some also identified his school based on the shirt he was wearing and went as far as to tag them in their comments.

Teen Who Slapped Mum Repeatedly in Tiktok Video is Sorry, Says School

Image source: Screengrab / Facebook

The school did not respond to AsiaOne’s queries. However, in an email exchange shared by one commenter, the secondary school confirmed that it was aware of the incident and said it was looking into the matter.

“We are in touch with the boy and his parents,” the school’s principal said.

“The boy is sorry for what he had done and the school is working with him, his parents and the police to resolve their family issues.”

This article was first published on AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission.

Lead image source from Screengrab / Facebook.


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