Teacher beats child with a wooden plank after failing to buy a textbook

Teacher beats child with a wooden plank after failing to buy a textbook

She was called up to the front of her class by a male teacher, slapped in the face, and then beaten on the backs of her hands with a wooden plank.

A Chinese father was livid when he discovered that his daughter was beaten in school. What was most upsetting being that it was neither a childish scuffle nor an action done by a fellow student. In this incident, a teacher beats student after failing to do one thing.

Liu Chao’s daughter, nine-year-old Tiantian (an assumed name), was beaten by her teacher, Mr. Wang.

The reason for the beating? She was unable to buy a textbook required in his class.

According to reports, “she was called up to the front of her class by a male teacher, slapped in the face, and then beaten on the back of her hands with a wooden plank.”

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Tiantian had told her father about the book earlier, that her teacher required it of his students. The whole textbook collection cost about 100 yuan (about $21). Instead of giving her daughter the money, Liu Chao assigned another teacher to buy the book.

“In the morning of March 1, I gave the money to another teacher and asked him to buy the book,” Liu Chao told China News Service, “but the book was sold out that day. I had no idea that my daughter would be beaten that afternoon.”

Tiantian told her father that the teacher asked who hadn’t bought the book; she was the only one who had raised her hand.

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Liu Chao reported the incident to the local police and the education bureau. They responded by transferring the teacher to a different school.

Liu Chao told China News Service that he believes Mr. Wang was let off too lightly, and that he ought to be fired instead.

Tiantian was also transferred to a different school following the beating.

School supervision

School is a place students should feel safe in, a place parents should feel safe sending their children to. While parents can’t always monitor the goings-on inside the school grounds, there are ways to know if your children are in good hands.

Check the school’s credentials before enrolling your child in it.

It’s also a good idea to get in touch with other parents and seek testimonials regarding the institution.

When you’ve finally decided on a school, keep the communication lines between you and your child open, so that they could easily voice their concerns to you if they run into any trouble.

Always talk to your child’s teachers for updates and reports about your children’s progress. That way not only are you getting an idea of how your child is doing, you’re also familiarising yourself with the people they surround themselves with everyday.

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