Headmaster beats 13-year-old to death for leaving school grounds

Headmaster beats 13-year-old to death for leaving school grounds

But when thee father called the school authorities, they said that his son had fallen sick while studying

When Shamim Mullick's parents dropped him off for the day at school, they didn’t know that it would be the last time with their son.

A headmaster in India is being investigated for manslaughter after allegedly beating thirteen-year-old Shamim to death.

Police reports said that the headmaster Hanif Sheikh did it because Shamim left the school grounds to wave goodbye to his parents as they were about to leave.

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“Headmaster Hanif Sheikh and school’s owner Shahzada Al Mamun, alias Liton Sheikh have been arrested after a complaint was lodged at Barwan police station,” Superintendent of Police Murshidabad, C Sudhakar, said.

According to police reports, the boy was initially rushed to a local nursing home owned by the headmaster.

When the boy’s health continued to deteriorate, it was only then that he was finally taken to hospital.

Doctors declared him dead on arrival.

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“We were not even informed by the school,” Shamim’s father told reporters. “This despite the fact that my cellphone number is registered with the school. At around midnight, I got a call from the hospital that my son has died.”

“It was later from the hospital and other sources that we came to know that our son was beaten up mercilessly by the headmaster.”

The police have since confirmed that they have arrested the school’s owner and principal as part of a murder investigation.

School supervision

School is a place students should feel safe in, a place parents should feel safe sending their children to. While parents can’t always monitor the goings on inside the school grounds, there are ways to know if your children are in good hands.

Check the school’s credentials before enrolling your child in it.

It’s also a good idea to get in touch with parents and seek testimonials regarding the institution.

And when you’ve finally decided on a school, keep the communication lines between you and your child open, so that they could easily voice their concerns to you if they run into any trouble.

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