Teacher films sex tryst with student; threatens suicide when breaking up

Teacher films sex tryst with student; threatens suicide when breaking up

In a whirlwind relationship with his student that saw repeated parental and school confrontation, Singaporean drama teacher Aravind Menon, 25, threatened his 14 year old victim with attacks and even his own suicide.

“Aravind Menon, sex with student”.

aravind menon, sex with student

Teacher Aravind Menon threatens student with attacks and films them having sex

The young girl was just 14 years old when she allegedly got into a relationship with her drama teacher on 19 Feb 2009. Joining the class a year earlier and having confided in him for her personal problems, they developed a close bond that grew into an intimate relationship and sex three months after. The girl cannot be named as she is still a minor.

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Recorded sexual acts

After their first instance of sex when they were alone at his flat, Aravind Menon videoed their second sexual encounter with his mobile phone and subsequently transferred the file to his laptop.

When the girl’s parents found out about their relationship a month later, they asked him to end the relationship. Besides not doing so, the couple had sex a third time in July 2009 at his home, in spite of an early pregnancy scare after their initial sexual encounters.

That same month, the victim’s parents informed the school about the relationship and as a result, Aravind was suspended and eventually lost his job at the school. Following his dismissal, the couple quarrelled more frequently and this led to the girl’s growing fears that he might put the video up online.

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Attack and suicide threats

While he didn’t do so, Aravind threatened to send men over to attack her and her family when the girl tried to break up with him in August 2009. This scared the teen and she panicked, wanting the inform the police of the threat before her mother stopped her. When Aravind discovered her intention of alerting the police, he threatened her again, warning that he would jump off the highest floor of a HDB block if she did so.

After heading to the 10th storey of a block of flats that evening, Aravind woke up the next day in a hospital and reported that he could not recall what had happened the previous day. Despite this episode in August 2009, Aravind and the girl continued their relationship and slowly after, the girl confided in him that she has been physically abused by her mother and ran away from home.

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Running away to a girls’ home

The teen admitted herself into a girls’ home shortly after and Aravind reportedly visited her often, bringing her essentials like soap and shampoo as well as things like a pillow. The counselor at the girls’ home also worked with him to ensure that the girl did not run away again. In early 2010, the young girl returned home and they continued the relationship before finally mutually agreeing to split up in 2011.

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Caught by the long arms of justice

Aravind was shocked when the police charged him with the offence of having sex with a minor in November 2012, but eventually pleaded guilty last week to a count of having sex with the student when she was 14. He will continue to face two similar charges in his sentencing next week.

It shocks many that such an inappropriate relationship lasted two whole years and that charges were only prosecuted a year after the break up. While Aravind was responsible for his acts that traumatised and scarred the teenager at such a tender age, Singapore parents should also realise the need to actively caution their child from the danger of such entanglements and be a pillar of support when their teen is going through a tough time.

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