This Surprising Trick Can Teach Your Child to Calm Down

This Surprising Trick Can Teach Your Child to Calm Down

You can teach your child to calm down with this easy and relaxing trick. It's a great way to ease their anxiety and the perfect moment for some parent-child bonding.

As parents, we are always on the lookout for ways to calm our active kids down. It’s important how to teach your child to calm down at an early age so they can deal with anxiety better as they get older.

The good news is you can teach your child to calm down with this surprisingly effective trick.

How to teach your child to calm down

teach your child to calm down

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The teddy bear trick

Though they call this trick the “teddy bear trick,” you don’t have to necessarily use a teddy bear. Actually, any object will do. But most kids prefer stuffed toys.

  1. Have your child lie down and put the bear on their tummy. If you are in public, they can do it standing. Make sure you are at eye level so your child knows you care that they are doing their breathing exercise.
  2. While you count to three, have them breathe in through their nose and watch the bear rise as they inhale.
  3. Then count to three while they exhale. Let them watch the bear lower as the air leaves their lungs.
  4. Repeat at least five times. Keep repeating until you feel like they have really calmed down.

Tell your child that they can call the stuff toy their “breathing buddy.” The next time they freak out, get upset, or have an anxiety attack, ask them if they need their breathing buddy. If they do, give them their bear and do the exercise so they can calm down.

Teach your child to calm down with breathing

This Surprising Trick Can Teach Your Child to Calm Down

A breathing exercise like the teddy bear trick is a great way to teach your child to calm down when they’re stressed. What’s more, it’s easy, and they can take it with them for the rest of their life.

It’s great for adults too, as deep breaths and breathing exercises can relieve anxiety. And they have their benefits as well.

You can actually do the breathing exercise with your child so you can both get the benefits of healthy breathing exercises. After all, your toddler’s not the only one who’s stressed when he has a meltdown!

The benefits of breathing exercises

There are five benefits to breathing deeply, according to The Nourished Life. It relaxes your muscles, improves oxygen delivery to your body, lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, and “detoxifies” your body.

The best part of doing the breathing exercise together is it also lets you comfort your child and strengthen your parent-child bond. Together, you can relieve yourselves of anxiety and become healthier individuals.

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