"Mummy, I want to give 2 presents..one from mum and dad and the other is from my boyfriend (Valentine day)!!"=))

"Mummy, I want to give 2 presents..one from mum and dad and the other is from my boyfriend (Valentine day)!!"=))

Tay Pei Shan Irene shares her labour story with theAsianparent.com

" Mum, I'm having pain on and off  below. Is it one of the symptoms of giving birth soon?" I asked my mum when I was shopping with her at City Square. "Yes my dear. Soon......" My 1st thought was, "Oh My God, this pain itself I still can't tolerate. I can't imagine what the pain would be like during my delivery."

The next morning, I felt the exact pain on and off below when I was bathing. To confirm whether I was going to give birth soon, I headed down to see my gynae with my hubby. I told the staff nurse about it and she straight away asked me to lie down on the bed to have ECG ( to monitor my baby's heartbeats, movement and any signs and symptoms of contraction). After 20 mins of monitoring, my gynae  said that the results showed that the contraction was still far apart- meaning it was still early. My actual EDD was on 21 feb 2011. My gynae told me that if I wanted to give birth early, she will induce me as I was already 38 weeks and my baby had reached maturation. I agreed with my gynae that I wanted to give birth early and I wanted to have a Valentine baby.

My gynae and my hubby looked at me and laughed. She said ok...and asked me to get admitted on 13 feb 2011. After my check up, I told my hubby that i and my girl (inside my tummy) had a craving for Pizza Hut. That was my last meal before my confinement regime would start.

We went home at around 11pm and I quickly lied down on the bed as again I  felt pain  on and off . I turned and tossed on the bed and sudden i felt something......................." Piank!!!" "DEAR, HURRY COME AND SEE IS MY WATER BAG BURST OR ANY BLEEDING!!" I cried as I was anxious and this was my 1st  pregnancy. My hubby calmed me down and he hurried to call  for his mum and dad. My hubby's father hurried get the bag that I prepared for my delivery and went down to get the cab while my hubby and his mum slowly brought me down. I could feel that the water keeps running down and as if I was passing urine. I called my gynae  about it and she noted. After 20 minutes, we reached the hospital. I felt sorry for the taxi uncle. Do you know why??   Cause I wet his seats all over the backseat......>.<.....And my hubby still could joke with me and said this is a "HUAT AR" (meaining good luck) for him.

I was pushed to the labour ward while my hubby was doing some admission stuffs at the counter. My gynae came and looked at me and smiled, " Your baby can't wait to come now instead of 14 February. Also good that if she arrived on 13 February, she can get 2 presents. One from u and the other from her boyfriend." She assesed my cervix and it dilated only 1cm. She told me that she would insert a pessary and make my cervix dilate more. After she had inserted the pessary, we had to wait.........while waiting, I was in extreme pain when  there were contractions. I pulled my hubbys shirt and panted very hard with both of my hands. My hubby kept using his hands and held my  hands tightly and asked me don't anyhow grip as he was scared that I would accidentally hit his " BIRD DAY"..........=.="""

After having pain for one hour plus and not being able to tolerate the pain,  I asked for an epidural. After inserting the epidural, the staff nurse asked me to sleep  as I needed more energy for the push later when my cervix had dilated to 10cm. I couldn't sleep throughout the night and I touched my tummy and keep telling my baby girl not to be scared, be strong, and daddy and mummy loves you.

After waiting for 11 hours, my cervix  opened up to 10cm and is time for me and my girl to get ready...The midwife( staff nurse),my gynae and my hubby stood beside me and asked me to "PUSH!!!" After trying several times, I felt breathless..........and I kept saying cannot........They all kept encouraging me and finally................I could hear a crying sound from my little angel. My hubby held my hands tight, kissed me and our girl  said " lao bo, you did a great job and xin ku nie le"  I hugged and kissed my girl and told her that she also did a great job. I name her Zoey- which meant "life"...A life that proved my hubby and I love for each other and we are going to give her all the love from us always.

Lastly, i told my husband that when is Zoey's birthday, let's bring her to pizza hut. And next day (14 feb) is a day that she will be celerating with her boyfriend. =p heeheez..

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