Do you use Tati skincare products? Throw them away right now!

Do you use Tati skincare products? Throw them away right now!

HSA testing has revealed dangerously high levels of poisonous ingredients such as mercury, which can have a severe negative effect on health.

If you have recently bought the Tati Skin Care 5 in 1 cosmetic set online, thinking it is “100 per cent free of harmful chemicals” (as boldly stated on its packaging), you’ve been dangerously duped. 

According to a Channel News Asia report, this product – which includes a day cream, night cream, treatment cream, sunblock and cleanser – contains “levels of mercury 20,000 times higher than permissable limits”, following testing by the Health Sciences Authority. 

These extremely high levels of mercury pose a “serious health hazard” to consumers, said the HSA. 

Mercury is a highly toxic substance and is banned from being included in cosmetic items. 

Meanwhile, the treatment cream was found to contain tretinoin and hydroquinone. These substances are banned in cosmetic skincare products and can only be used in prescription medicines for the treatment of certain skin conditions, on medical recommendation, according to the HSA.

Do you use Tati skincare products? Throw them away right now!

Image: Channel News Asian

The effects of cosmetics containing mercury, hydroquinone and  tretinoin

If used often, the application of creams containing  mercury could lead to blotching, rashes and skin patches. 

Furthermore, “chronic exposure to very high levels of mercury in cosmetic products may also cause toxic effects to the kidneys, digestive and nervous system leading to organ damage as it can be absorbed through the skin,” HSA said.  

If hydroquinone is used inappropriately, it could lead to a host of issues such as rashes, redness and tingling of skin. It can also result in the changing of skin colour. 

Tretinoin, meanwhile, can result in skin peeling and redness. 

Be careful when buying cosmetics online

HSA’s group director of the surveillance of the Health Products Regulation Group Chan Cheng Leng said they had discovered more than 200 online sellers illegally selling  “adulterated cosmetic products” just in the past two months. 

“Many of these sellers hide under the anonymity of the Internet. Consumers need to be wary about purchasing cosmetic products with exaggerated claims and which promise fast results, as they may contain ingredients harmful to health,” Associate Professor Chan said.

The HSA has imposed very strict rules on online sellers, ordering them to immediately stop selling the Tati skincare set. If not, they will face legal action where they could be jailed for up to three years, and fined up to S$100,000. 

If you have purchased Tati skincare products, you are advised to stop using them immediately. See a doctor without delay if you are experiencing any negative reactions on your skin. 

Those with information on the sale and supply of the Tati skincare products or other illegal products may inform HSA’s enforcement branch via phone at +65 6866 3485 during office hours on weekdays or via email

News source: Channel News Asia.


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