A dream shattered: Mum receives tainted breast milk jewellery in Singapore!

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Recently, one of our readers expressed angst at receiving breast milk jewellery in Singapore from a mumpreneur, that smelt very strongly of cigarette smoke!


Breast milk as jewellery

Our reader, a mum-of-two, has been breastfeeding, and pumping at work ever since she had her first child in 2013. Both her babies were drinking breastmilk when the second baby was born in 2015. She tells us, “I wanted something as a keepsake, to remember that both were taking my breast milk together, at some point in their lives. I also wanted to hand down the breast milk jewellery when the kids grow up, since the maker had advertised that her products last a lifetime.”

Sadly, “The items arrived with a strong cigarette smoke smell. It didn’t get better despite ripping off the wraps and throwing out the bag.”


Not only that, one of the breast milk pendants arrived mistakenly as a necklace, although she had ordered it as a pandora hook.

To make matters worse, the seller apparently did not respond kindly, claiming that this mummy was the first to complain. Our mummy says that she was even “told by the seller that her husband may have been smoking in the car while delivering”, and asked, “if I have a plier at home, after I pointed out the pendant mistake.”

Disappointed with this experience

The experience has turned out to be disappointing for our mummy reader, “I was impressed that Singaporeans have caught up with an art (with so much meaning) like this and I thought I would give it a go to support local works. (Now)I’d prefer to put my precious breast milk in the hands of responsible and credible makers (including their process chain workers), who would handle it carefully and with respect.”

“Before this, I had paid a UK maker to do breastmilk jewellery, back in 2013 for my first born, so this is not the first time. In comparison, the U.K. maker is punctual and professional, so I’d say read enough and know the maker/seller, as the breast milk we supply them with (besides the money) can never be reversed/returned.”

She finally asks this very pertinent question, “How to keep these as precious lifetime memories when they are all received tainted with second-hand smoke by the seller already? Heartbroken. 9 sessions worth of pumping..”

We feel for you, mummy.

Breast milk jewellery maker’s version

But as part of our commitment to objective reporting, we also asked the jewellery maker for her version of things.

This is what she had to say, “I told her that the delivery man must have been smoking while delivery, and told her to leave it at a distance from the kids and to air cool it first. Or else, the smell would spread to her house, so kitchen or service yard would be a better place for air cooling. We never denied that there was cigarette smell as we believe that most delivery men smoke while delivering parcels.”

She also says that, “We had delivered to some other customer on the very same night, they however never mentioned anything about any cigarette smell.”

Well, we are not going to take sides, and believe in letting readers judge for themselves. We would, however, like to offer some tips that will help you make a more informed choice when it comes to online shopping.

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