Breastfeeding mum gets crude messages from pervert willing to pay for breast milk

Breastfeeding mum gets crude messages from pervert willing to pay for breast milk

Another breastmilk pervert has just been reported in Singapore. A single mum recently found herself victim to crude messages from an online predator. Read on...

Recently, we carried a story on a creepo with a fetish for breast milk. This man bought breast milk from innocent mothers selling off excess breast milk on Carousell, for his own consumption! What’s more, he even suggested that the mother let him suckle directly from her.

If that sounds disgusting, you would be shocked to know that there are other such perverts, preying on breastfeeding mothers, right here in Singapore. We were alerted to one such incident by a single mum, who wanted to generate awareness among mothers.

Pervert Alert!

This mum first received a friend request from a guy, going by the moniker, Charles Tan, on Facebook. She deleted the request, as she suspected something fishy, in the absence of a profile picture. She also observed that they were both members of a group, Single Parents in Singapore.

Breast milk pervert in Singapore Breast milk pervert in Singapore

The guy was persistent though. He started messaging the mum, initially on the pretext of friendship and getting to know her. He even revealed that he actually had no children. What happened next was bizarre. He started quizzing her on whether she breastfed her baby.

Chat laden with crude messages

Our Mummy was smart enough to understand where this was going, and rightly admonished him as a “Breastmilk Fetish Pervert”. Mr. Creepo seemed to take no offence at all, instead requesting her to empathise with guys’ problems!!

breastmilk3 breastmilk4


It got crazier from there on. When asked why he would be in a single parent group, when he had no children of his own, he made the noble excuse of not wanting to disturb married women. He even equated his fetish for breast milk with people’s craving for ice cream and other delicacies!

Finally, he came straight to the point. That, he was willing to pay for breastmilk, anything to get his ‘want fulfilled’. Our Mummy has since blocked and reported him.

breastmilk5Breast milk pervert in Singapore

This guy even claims that, “Men are naturally wired to be perverted.” How many of you male readers agree?

Advice on how to pervert-proof your online accounts

As an unsuspecting victim of such messages, our Mummy had this advice to offer:

  • Make your Facebook profile private : Facebook has many privacy settings. You can set the target audience for your photos and posts and make sure that they cannot be seen by all. Never post personal information, like your address and phone number.
  • Only ‘Add’ people you really know : Stay very vigilant. Such perverts usually disguise themselves by using any random picture of a mummy and baby as their profile picture. They then use it to infiltrate breastfeeding mothers group in order to prey on innocent mummies.
  • Trust your first instinct : Your gut is mostly right. If someone doesn’t  sound right, just block and report that person immediately. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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