Parents, Here Are 6 Tips To Survive Maid-Free Sundays

Parents, Here Are 6 Tips To Survive Maid-Free Sundays

For a lot of mums that depend on their maid, a maid-free Sunday sounds like a daunting task. But with these tips, we're sure you'll have fun!

Let's face it, having a helper around the house is so helpful, especially for busy mums. However, you'll have to handle everything on your own from time to time as your helper goes on her days off.

We asked a few mums on what tips they can share when it comes to surviving a weekend without their helper, and we compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you survive your maid's day off. Enjoy!


1. A few days before your maid's day off, watch how she does things at home


This great tip comes from Dazzle Ng Sy, mother of one. Knowing exactly what your helper does and how she does it can be very helpful when it's time for you to handle those responsibilities.

She adds that you also have to take note of where everything is in the house; where your baby's milk is, where the utensils are, your baby's favorite toys, etc. You should also ask your helper for a refresher on your baby's current routine so that everything goes smoothly.

2. Think about the positives!


Our second tip comes from Nalika Unantenne, mother of two. Interestingly, Nalika doesn't have a helper, so we're sure that she knows exactly how to manage a household without a maid!

Getting yourself stressed out over not having a maid won't really do you any good. Nalika shares that being without a maid has had some positive effects. A great example would be that it taught her boys responsibility since they had to clean their room on their own, without a maid or a helper.

Another positive is that housework keeps her trim and toned! She adds that housework gives her a full body workout without even going to the gym! So you should start looking forward to your maid's days off, they can be a good thing!

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3. Don't be afraid to ask for help


This tip once again comes from Dazzle. She told us that you should "Ask help from the very willing on-call babysitters in your baby's life like grandparents, godparents, and aunts/uncles."

We're sure that your relatives are more than happy to help you take care of your baby for a weekend. It's also a great bonding activity for the entire family!

You should also thank them for helping out by treating them to a nice lunch, or giving them a nice gift for their effort. We're sure that you can count on them the next time your helper goes on her day off!

4. Go on a staycation!

This tip comes from Marielle, a mother of one. She told us that going on a staycation is a great way to spend a weekend without your helper since you won't really have to do anything aside from take care of your kid!

Staycations are a great way to relax and de-stress from the busy week. It's also a great way of spending time with your family so that you can just have fun! Plus, you won't have to cook any meals, nor do you have to clean the house. Staycations are great!

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5. Relax, it's okay to wing it!


This tip was again shared to us by Dazzle, she shares that you shouldn't get too stressed out if things don't go according to plan during your helper's day off.

She adds, "If your baby doesn't like the temperature of the bath water you prepared, turn it into a fun bonding activity by making it a family bath (or honestly, if your kid doesn't shower for a day, it's fine)!"

6. Prepare everything ahead of time


This last tip comes from Natt, mother of one. Just like Nalika, she's also a mum that doesn't have a maid at home.

She told us that preparing ahead of time is a good way of surviving a weekend without your maid. An example would be preparing the meals you'll be having in advance, so that you can focus on taking care of your child instead of worrying how to take care of your kid and cook lunch at the same time!

With these amazing tips, we're pretty confident you'll survive a weekend without your maid!

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