Survival Kit for Asian Parents

Survival Kit for Asian Parents

Review on the "Baby/Toddler Survival Kit" by Mad About Kids.

Every parents needs a survival kid for their child

Every parents needs a survival kid for their child


  • Baby Survivial Kit
  • Toddler Survival Kit


  • Baby Survival Kit: 120
  • Toddler Surivival Kit: 120


  • $19.90 at partnering hospitals (Mount Alvernia and NUH)
  • Free with every purchase of 2 cans of Wyeth Promil Gold or Progress Gold at all participating NTUC FairPrice supermarkets


  • Baby Survival Kit: Unavailable
  • Todder Survival Kit: 978-981-08-2773-1

Recommended for: All parents of 0-3 year-old children


The two books in the “Survival Kit” series focus on the various things that a parent would have to encounter while caring for a baby. The books are designed to cover everything, from eating habits and ideas for learning and playing, as well as safety and emergency instructions. They also include tips from doctors, experts and parents to help parents clear many doubts and questions regarding the care of their child.

The books are under the publication of Mad About Kids, with partners Wyeth Gold and various other groups such as NUH, MCYS and the AVA, and promises to provide all parents a comprehensive and enlightening read.

What we like:

1) Being specially designed for Asian parents, it is able to relate directly to real-life situations which Singaporean parents might have to deal with a lot of the time.

2) It includes pretty much everything that a parent needs to know within the first three years of the child’s life.

3) The tips and quotes from real parents, healthcare professionals and childcare experts make it more engaging for parents.

What we dislike:

1) It reads a little bit like a “Parenting for Dummies” manual, and does not seem to leave any room for parental instinct or discretion.

2) It could have included a brief section on first-aid tips, such as how to provide medical aid for simple injuries, in addition to the safety tips already provided.

3) The layout makes it feel like a science textbook, which isn’t quite nice when it’s about taking care of your precious little ones, is it?

Our Verdict: This book is, all in all, a pretty useful thing to keep handy around the house in case of an emergency or if something needs looking up! We give it 3 out of 5 stars.


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Written by

Nasreen Majid

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