Stuffed capsium - an easy and delicious recipe

Stuffed capsium - an easy and delicious recipe

Stuffed pepper or capsicum is a great way to enjoy the flavourful vegetable for many of us. Here's a simple but delicious recipe.

Making stuffed peppers is a great way to enjoy this flavourful vegetable. Also known as capsicum, pepper of any colour is a favourite for many of us. It is a significant ingredient of many dishes and even can stand out on its own.

Here I have attempted a quick recipe using the green variety.

Step-by-step recipe (Serves a family of 4)

1. Wash, dry and cut 5 green capsicums into halves so that you get two one-side-closed parts of them.

2. Also boil and mash three small-sized potatoes.

3. In a pan, take some butter / olive oil / any other cooking oil / ghee and warm it up on the gas.

4. Add 5 to 6 table spoons of peanut powder, 5 to 6 table spoons of plain flour / gram flour and fry well until you get nice fragrance.

5. Add mashed potato now and mix well.

6. Sprinkle generous amount of different herbs and spices as per your liking. You can consider adding oregano, Italian herbs, garlic or ginger powder, coriander-cumin powder, chili powder and so on. Mix well.

7. Now add a few coriander leaves, salt, sugar as per your taste.

8. Keep mixing until the mixture looks well-set. I added some plain yoghurt also to get required consistency.

9. Off the gas and let the mixture cool down.

10. Now it is time to stuff the mixture in the capsicum halves! Stuff the mixture evenly in all the capsicum halves. After stuffing, brush a bit of oil on capsicums.

11. Frying time!

12. Heat up some butter / olive oil / any other cooking oil / ghee in a pan and make it hot.

13. Fry the capsicum halves till they turn nice golden green-brown in color. Turn the gas off and get ready to nom-nom.

14. Serve it hot with roti / naan / prata. It also goes well with biryani / fried rice.

15. For healthier version, you can use microwave / air fryer for frying.

This dish has its origin in Indian cooking. But you can give it a western twist by adding slightly different ingredients as mentioned in the above recipe. You can try different types of stuffing as well as per your own creativity. Eg. Instead of mashed potato, you can add egg n cheese stuffing. Or you can add small pieces of veggies like carrots, broccoli to the potato mixture.

Enjoy your stuffed peppers!

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Shubhada Bhide

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