Study: you may be a bad parent

Study: you may be a bad parent

Researchers say that the good things that you do for your kids may not really be doing them any good.

Are you a bad parent?

Are you a bad parent?

Being a good parent may not be as easy as it used to be. With all the bad influences lurking around our kids, it’s no wonder that many parents are trying their best to raise their children well.

But if recent findings are true, then maybe even the good things that you do  for your kids may not really be doing them any good. According to Cezary Jan Strusiewicz of Cracked, there are seven mistakes that parents usually commit.

Read on and see whether they’re true or just the fruits of a comedian’s creative mind.

#7 Giving Your Kids a Creative Name

Kids with ordinary names have better chances of growing up to be law-abiding citizens. Are Michael, Dave and John safe names?

#6 Teaching Them to Be Themselves

Peer pressure actually makes our kids well-adjusted and better children.

#5 Making Them Play Sports

Athletes turn out to be very dishonest when they’re older because of the examples they see from their coaches. Well, is that the only thing kids get from sports? A lesson on dishonesty?

#4 Starting Them in School Early

Kids who start school before the age of 6 are most likely to drop out of school. Experts say kids who attend school before turning 6 years old develop anxiety attacks and low self-esteem. What can you say about this?

#3 Warning Them About Strangers

Constantly warning kids about strangers makes them really wary about the outside world. It makes them really fearful of people who are different from them.

#2 Heaping Praise on Them

This practice make children avoid challenges and refuse to exert any effort when opportunities arise. What’s surprising is that too much praise can turn kids into people with really low self-esteem.

#1 Showing Them Educational Videos

Kids who watch too much educational videos at the age of 1 learn about six words less than those who don’t. They also develop shorter attention spans.

Have you tried doing all or some of these to your kids? Which of these do you think are true?

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