Dads Who Spend More Time With Their Kids Have Better Sex Lives: Study

Dads Who Spend More Time With Their Kids Have Better Sex Lives: Study

A study has found that dads who spend more time caring for their kids lead better sex lives. Read on to find out!

There are a lot of resources out there about spicing up things in the bedroom. But, the solution to your problems may be hiding in your very own home.

According to a study conducted by Georgetown University, dads who share more of child care responsibilities get to have better sex with their partners.

Pulling data from their Marital Relationship study, which involved 974 married couples, researchers found that couples who divided childcare duties experienced more sexual satisfaction and better relationships, overall.

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What’s interesting about the findings was that when men took charge of caring for kids, their sexual encounters with their spouse became even more satisfying.

“Increases in men’s performance of childcare is associated for both partners with more satisfaction with the division of childcare, higher-quality sexual relationships, lower levels of couple conflict, and higher overall relationship satisfaction,” says the authors of the study.

However, it’s important to note that sharing parental responsibilities didn’t increase the frequency of sex, but improved its quality.

On average, men have sex 7.054 times a month. As for women, they reported having sex 6.911 times each month. This is about one or more times a week.

Dads Who Spend More Time With Their Kids Have Better Sex Lives: Study

While many would prefer to keep their sex lives private, 25,000 couples aged 18 to 89 (2,400 of whom were married) participated in a study conducted by the University of Toronto Mississauga—which sought to determine just how much sex couples should be having to attain happiness in their relationships.

What they found was quite surprising. Couples who were intimate four times a week were not happier than those who did it once a week.

While having sex once every seven days sounds easy enough, it’s not the case for most couples. If you’re one of these couples who have hit a rut in your sex life, worry not, it only takes a bit of time and effort to spice up your sex life.

For starters, planning a weekly date you can both look forward to (without the pressure of the night ending in sex) can do wonders to fire up the romance.

Here are a few tips:

Don’t go for a dinner and movie

Dads Who Spend More Time With Their Kids Have Better Sex Lives: Study

Get creative with your date plans. Do away with the usual dinner and then movie cycle.

“Meet at 4 o’clock and go take a walk or go take a bike trip,” Marriage Therapist and Sexpert Esther Perel tells Fatherly. “Go do something different. There is nothing that brings in more energy than a novelty. Any kind of novelty, not positions in the bed. Do something new together.”

Ditch your curfew

There’s nothing that kills romance than setting a time limit on your evening. Esther suggests to “go out once in a while without a curfew. It gives you back a sense of openness and possibility.

No “Baby Talk”

Dads Who Spend More Time With Their Kids Have Better Sex Lives: Study

Though you love your kids, talking about them while you’re on a date pulls focus from each other. Use your date as a space to reconnect with each other.

Use the time to elevate your conversation, not just your physical encounters, to a more intimate level.

Changing up your usual spiel and “flipping the script” can do wonders in turning up the romance.


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