8-year-old child without hands uses feet to write, showing us true meaning of positivity

8-year-old child without hands uses feet to write, showing us true meaning of positivity

This boy's determination to study is truly inspiring!

I doubt any of us would have ever thought of writing with our feet — especially not for the sake of studying. But recently, the case where an eight-year-old student uses feet to write has proven otherwise! 

Yes, writing using feet: you heard it correctly. He’s even being likened to a young, Asian Nick Vijicic. 

Student Uses Feet to Write, Wins Admiration from Netizens

Meet eight-year-old Filipino boy Marcielo C. Sailog, who shows us the true meaning of a positive spirit and sheer determination. 

A Facebook user, Jo-Em Inguin, uploaded a video of Sailog onto Facebook on Thursday 30 August, and the video has gone viral since.

Source: Jo-em Inguin‘s FaceBook Page

Without arms, the grade one student at the Galicia Primary School writes his name down on a piece of paper inside a classroom in Aklan province with his right foot.

For that, he received hearty cheers and applause from those around him, which included Inguin.

What’s more amazing? The eight-year-old’s penmanship was not only legible but was very neat as well. 

student uses feet to write

Sailog seems like he’s become quite an expert in using his feet to write. | Source: screengrab from Jo-Em Inguin’s Facebook page

Inguin said that he had actually seen Sailog before and knew him when Sailog was still a baby. “When I came back [to Aklan], he was already studying and I didn’t know that he could use his feet to write.”

Giving Him the Support He Needs 

Inguin’s motivation for taking the video was to increase awareness of what Sailog goes through, hoping that people could help him.

Written in Filipino, the Facebook post by Inguin said: “Wow. I hope someone can help this child. He doesn’t have any hands. He’s from Barangay (Village) Galicia Madalag, Aklan.”

His efforts paid off when netizens commented on his post and expressed their willingness to help the boy.

Some comments that prove that humanity still exists:

Sheena Marie Barraca reached out by asking Inguin on some ways she could help.

Another Facebook user, Deema Deema expressed that it was unfortunate for Sailog but he was still blessed.

Others like Joefrey Jhovan Juanito shared similar sentiments and said that Sailog is a “fantastic person”; while Richel Heyres said that he was “encouraging”.

Richel also added that Sailog sets a “good example to the children who are lazy to study even if the hands are complete”.

Now, don’t you think that’s quite a feat? We hope Sailog does get all the help he deserves!


Source: Coconuts Manila

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