Stop yelling... More loving!

Stop yelling... More loving!

Can’t stop yelling at your kids? We share 50 ingenious alternatives to yelling.

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Stop yelling, more loving

Stop yelling method one: “Fun alternatives”
  1. Give yourself an adrenaline rush and dash around the house
  2. Utter gibberish to self
  3. Burst out laughing for no reason
  4. Do star jumps or push-ups
  5. Clap until your kids stop making a fuss
  6. Do the Hokey Pokey, and turn yourself around
  7. Start singing as loud as you can
  8. Act as if you have Laryngitis and lost your voice
  9. Try to talk and act like a robot
  10. Start playing hide ‘n seek or other games with them
  11. Give them a big fat hug
  12. Do the crab walk
  13. Spray silly string
  14. Attack your child with tickles
  15. Fill your mouth with M&M’s (chocolate makes you happy)
  16. Chew something hard like carrots and apples
  17. Read your favourite part in “50 Shades of Grey”
Stop yelling method two: “I look like a fool”
  1. Yell into a space, any space (closet or kitchen)
  2. Cool your head in the freezer
  3. Raise your hands in the air like you just don’t care
  4. Act like a dog and howl like one
stop yelling

Try some of these ways today!

Stop yelling method three: “I’ll be considered a bad parent”
  1. Watch TV instead
  2. Have ice cream with the whole family
  3. Put your headphones on
  4. Act like something terrible just happened and act like you’re in disbelief
  5. Imagine yourself seeping a mai tai on the beach


Stop yelling method four: “Preventive alternatives”
  1. Post unglamorous pictures of your children
  2. Use an aromatherapy candle to relax your mood
  3. Try yelling, “I love you. I love you. I love you.”
  4. Imagine the worst case scenario
  5. Start squeezing play-doh or silly putty as hard as you can
  6. Gulp down a glass of water
  7. Breathe in
  8. Send a text to your friend and tell him or her you’re losing it
  9. Set a phone alarm for every 30 minutes reminding you not to yell
  10. Splash cold water on your face
  11. Put a finger to your lips in ‘shhh’ position
  12. Get distracted by something you love
  13. Practice yelling motions but don’t let your voice out. This releases endorphins.
  14. Ask your child, “Why are you crying?” or “Why are you doing that?”
Stop yelling method five: “You’ll think I am cheesy”
  1. Command yourself out loud “Serenity NOW!”
  2. Tell yourself out loud, “It’s going to be a GREAT day today!”
  3. Smile
  4. Cry
  5. Express your feelings to your kids
Stop yelling method six: “More serious”
  1. Start counting until you calm down
  2. Walk away
  3. Write down your frustrations in your journal
  4. Squeeze your hands together
  5. Take a deep breath

Will you be trying any of these methods? If so, which one? We’d love to hear from you! For more, check out this video on ways to discipline your child:

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